Cranberry Lemonade for Lyme Disease

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Hello fellow Steemians,

Lyme Disease is a horrible disease, also known as "The Great Imitator" because symptoms that patients have can mimic other diseases. I was told I might have depression, panic disorder, and fibromyalgia but that wasn't the case. Symptoms started occurring last March of 2016 and I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in January of 2017. Patient's could have an array of many symptoms, such as-tremors, brain fog, fatigue, chills, hot flashes, panic attacks, severe anxiety, nerve pain, muscle twitching, muscle contracting, air hunger, night sweats, ears ringing, sleep disturbance, and more. I suggest that if you have more than five of these symptoms, take this online test and schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if you possibly have Lyme Disease.

Many Lyme Disease patients go either the natural route or traditional route and/or sometimes both. I went both the naturopathic and the traditional path of treatment. My doctor prescribed me with antibiotics for 3 months but to help with restoring my good bacteria, I decided to take a high dosage of probiotics to help make sure my good gut bacteria didn't completely go away.

I would love to get into details of all the supplements I take/took during my recovery with Lyme Disease in another post.

This post is specifically about this certain natural remedy. Cranberry Lemonade is quick, easy and inexpensive. This drink can also be used for anyone, even if you do not have Lyme Disease. If your goal is to cleanse your body, flush your liver and hydrate your skin, this drink will help you reach that goal but make sure to listen to your body!

'Cranberry Lemonade," will help detoxify and cleanse your digestive tract. Having Lyme Disease can also mean your gut has an abundance of bad bacteria and candida overgrowth. I found this drink helped me massively with certain symptoms-dizziness, energy level, and digestion. I started noticing a difference about 3 weeks later. Be patient with yourself. This will not be an overnight success​s treatment.

I suggest you drink a metric one cup (about 1/4 liter) of this lemonade once a day in the morning before eating breakfast. Do not drink more than one cup a day unless you're used to drinking a lot of water with lemon. Make sure to drink water regularly while drinking this lemonade to help continue the cleansing process.

(Photo from Shutterstock. I lost the photo I took of my juice.)

Here's the recipe:

  • Spring or Distilled Water
  • 1 1/4 Cups of Organic Cranberry Juice (NOT concentrate)
  • 3 Organic Fresh Lemons (I sometimes do 4 lemons)
  • Liquid or Powdered Stevia
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Gallon Glass Jar

80% of the glass jar should be filled with water. Add cranberry juice. Squeeze the lemons and pour the lemon juice into the water. Add stevia and cayenne pepper to your liking.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before trying this drink. Depending on your health issues, it may overload your kidneys. Please, use good judgment. No one knows your body the way you do. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician​ or other qualified health providers​ with any questions about your medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice or treatment because of something you have read here.

Be on the lookout​ for more posts about my journey with Lyme Disease!



We use cranberry juice for kidney issues and urinary tract infections. I didn't know it helped with Lyme Disease as well.

Hi! The combination of the cranberry, lemon, and stevia help with cleansing gut bacteria and loosen biofilm which is an important treatment to do when someone has Lyme. Bad bacteria are very crafty things, they can attach to your gut lining, making it difficult to get rid of the bad bacteria. Lemon juice and stevia combo can help remove those films from​ the bad bacteria so the bad bacteria can start getting exposed and removed from the lining. Along with so many other supplements, ​I've been taking, this juice helped boost the process of recovering.

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