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RE: TIL heaps more about fasting, keto eating, and how ANYONE can use them for health, weight loss and longevity

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No, you're not likely to get any info from the medical system. But there is a lot of useful info out there and hopefully I'll step through it in a way that's easy to understand and follow. We can always chat in person if that would help. You're Auckland, right?


Yes, I'm a Westie. The thing is, with also having many other ailments other than diabetes, I need to get advice that is appropriate for someone like me, with complex interactions. Unfortunately that isn't always easy from the medical profession, as they only seem to see the one condition that they're qualified to treat. The classic example of this is that my cardiologist is always encouraging me to exercise more, with daily walks. But with diabetic neuropathy in my feet as well, that isn't always feasible. I really need a holistic approach, that takes everything into consideration.

If you're not on any medications, follow along with my posts and see how you do, as I'm aiming to recommend small and easy changes. If you are on medications, you will probably need the support of someone who knows your medical history. (but still read along and learn things to take to your doctor)

You might find it helpful to follow @baerdric who has some of the same issues as you, and is managing them with keto and fasting.

Are you able to do seated exercise when your feet are feeling bad, or do you have low energy as well?

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