Today's Weed News for May 29th 2018 #ALZHEIMER'S

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For today's weed news we go to the great of Ohio.

Ohio State University researcher Dr. Gary Wenk is proposing that cannabis could and should be used to treat and/or prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Since the disease is caused by inflammation in the brain and cannabis has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana could be the breakthrough doctors and scientists have been searching for.

According to Dr. Wenk, detecting inflammation of the brain early makes it possible to tell whether or not a person is in danger of developing the disease. Up to 40 years before any other definitive symptoms of Alzheimer's begin to show.

Although old age is the leading cause of brain inflammation in seniors, the condition can also be brought on by trauma to the head. Thus, many athletes as well as people who may have suffered an accident, fall, or concussion for some other reason, should probably be consuming cannabis. This could help the brain recover faster and could minimize the chances of developing additional related problems years down the road.

From studying the brains of rats in his lab, Dr. Wenk concluded that even as little as one hit of weed per day was enough to noticeably reduce brain inflammation.

The doctor even went as far as to instruct his students that "if their patients were in a car accident and had a severe head injury the first thing they should tell their patients to do is start smoking marijuana heavily for the next few weeks because it would protect the brain."

Another scientifically proven benefit of the magnificent Herb!

That's what's up!


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