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RE: Lifestyle Approach to Our Health, and A Few Recommendations for the Workplace

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Very informative.Who could have believed fiber is so essential in cleaning the rough part of the trachea and intestine.Didn't know that higher fibre intake could lower the risk of hemorrhoid. From this moment, I will combine my water intake with blended fruit to provide for more minerals and vitamins.How can one increase his fiber intakes from our normal basic diets? Thanks for such a great post.We certainly live to learn.


Thank you @kaydee, I'm glad you got more than a thing from the post.
To increase your fibre intake, take a lot of vegetables and edible grains just the way they are. For instance we peel beans coat away to make a smooth 'moi-moi', we get rid of maize coats to make a smooth pab. They may look pleasing to the eye but get into our body just to quench the hunger. Those coats we peel off have a lot in them, let's focus more on the nutrients than the texture of our meals. The internet will tell you more or better still you can visit a Nutritionist. Thanks and Happy Sunday.

Many thanks for having time to clarify me. I appreciate

You're always welcome Sir.

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