Here I teach you to definitely eliminate the tartar in a completely natural way

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Did you know that activated carbon, of vegetable origin, is one of the best remedies to whiten and clean your teeth?

Use it sparingly so as not to damage the enamel
Tartar is the yellowish bacterial plaque that accumulates and hardens in the enamel of our teeth. It does it, especially next to the gum, due to several reasons, causing a bad aspect to our teeth.

In this article we explain the causes of tartar, as well as the remedies to eliminate it, always in the most natural way, with food, natural remedies and some simple tips.

Causes of tartar and why you have to prevent it

The main reason for tartar is an excessively acidifying diet, rich in sugars, refined foods and harmful fats. Although many believe that the first cause is bad dental hygiene, in reality this would not be so necessary if we consumed enough raw fruits and vegetables.

Also bad dental hygiene contributes to the appearance of bacterial plaque. And to this we must combine drinks such as coffee or black tea and habits as harmful as tobacco.

Dental debris: Tartar is not only an aesthetic issue. If it is not prevented or treated, in the long run this accumulation of bacteria causes an inflammation of the gums, which can cause gingivitis.

Food and beneficial supplements

The most recommended foods are raw fruits and vegetables, especially apples and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, lettuce, arugula, etc.

Sesame, because of its high calcium content

Stevia is a plant that acts as a natural sweetener and is very beneficial for our teeth.

Seawater helps to clean and strengthen our teeth, as well as being alkalizing.

Coenzyme Q-10 is recommended when tartar is also causing gingivitis

The white clay for oral use helps us alkalize our body and also the pH of our mouth.

The oil rinses

Sunflower oil rinses are a healing method of the Ayurvedic culture of India. They allow us to clean our teeth and treat oral problems. In addition, it helps to get toxins out and cleanse our mouth deeply.

It is especially recommended in cases of infections of the mouth, gum problems, dental plaque, gingivitis, darkened teeth and loose teeth.

We will only need sunflower or sesame oil from first cold pressure. In this article we explain in detail how they are carried out. However, do not forget that the use of these products will only be like mouthwash, since in this way we will be able to take advantage of their antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Activated carbon

Activated charcoal is an excellent remedy to whiten and clean our teeth, as well as to prevent oral diseases. We can get it in herbalists or natural products stores.

It will be enough to brush our teeth well with this powder for two minutes. In spite of the black color, when we clear our teeth well with water we will notice them much cleaner.

It is essential that it be of vegetable origin (wood, coconut, etc.) and not from oil. Also, like sodium bicarbonate, being abrasive should not be used in excess and much less frequently. It is important to be careful as their abuse could damage our tooth enamel. Everything must be applied in moderation.

The oxygenated water and the bicarbonate

The oxygenated water is a great natural bleach, and for that reason we can use it once a week, adding three drops in our toothbrush.

Sodium bicarbonate is another ancient remedy for cleaning teeth and also helps prevent heartburn. We can use it to brush our teeth gently, so as not to scratch the enamel, a maximum of twice a month or week in between.

Final tips

As we have mentioned in this article, it is also essential to carry out good dental hygiene daily:

We brush our teeth after each meal for at least two minutes, insisting on all teeth and molars.

We will preferably use an organic and natural toothpaste, since conventional ones contain substances that are too aggressive with our oral pH.

We will use the thread or floss every night before going to bed, to eliminate the remains of food from between the teeth.

We can also use a mouthwash. If we want a natural one, we can do it with an infusion of thyme and mint, or with seawater diluted in two and a half parts of natural water.
If we have old plaque we will visit the dentist to perform a dental cleaning, although it is not recommended to perform them too often, as they could damage our enamel.

Images courtesy of judy and sweetbeetandgreenbean.

source: mejorconsalud/ FrenteFantasma

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