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RE: Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

in #health2 years ago

well said. I've been writing about cannabis in Korean community. They all simply know that the cannabis are just one of those drugs. Even though I am not the user, I know the benefits of cannabis based on what I have read on books and papers.

Now as an investor, I am a supporter for the cannabis industries as a whole. There are good chances to make profits from them. There is nothing to be trash on cannabis from the roots to the flowers. And the benefits from cannabis should be overweighted to the drawbacks. Those revive at least a community industry like in a city in California.
It is already widely spreaded phenomenon all over the world. The industry is bigger than Coffee! Canada is already ready to go. The US is waiting to get a signal from the Congress. Once it starts, no one can stops the cannabis and its byproducts.

Anyways, I like what you wrote, I resteem it :)