The benefits of sedars for light hair

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Sidr is one of the most common trees in the Arab region, especially in deserts. Its fruits and leaves contain many minerals, salts and vitamins necessary for human health. It is used in the manufacture of many drugs. , Bombardier, and stimulating its growth, let's talk in this article about the benefits of Sidr hair. The benefits of Sidr for hair reinforce the hair of its roots and offer a healthy and vibrant appearance. It combats dandruff and prevents its appearance. Provides hair with softness and luster. Repair damaged hair, and treat it from the bomb. The mixture is applied to the hair, covered with a plastic lid, left for three hours, then washed with lukewarm water. Care should be taken not to use shampoo for hair washing; This reduces its effectiveness and pay attention to moisturizing the hair after washing, and repeat this mixture twice a week. Serum and water Mix the amount of hot water with a sufficient amount of Sidr powder, then apply the mixture to the hair and covered with a plastic lid, leave them for three hours, then wash them with Nabulsi soap, and be careful not to stay away from chemicals in the shampoo, then moisturize Hair with olive oil This recipe is useful for hair extension. Serum and yogurt Mix four tablespoons of Sidr powder with four tablespoons of yogurt, two tablespoons of olive oil and a little warm water, then leave the mixture for 30 minutes to ferment. Then apply to the hair, drop for three hours then wash. Smooth the hair. Serum and Castor Oil Mix a quantity of Sidr powder with four teaspoons castor oil and four teaspoons sesame oil. It can be replaced with olive oil and a quantity of onion and garlic water. Then apply the mixture on the hair, leave to act for two hours then wash. The pan and sorghum are mixed with six teaspoons of seed powder, two small strands of pudding powder, two teaspoons of ring powder and one cup of carrot juice. The mixture is then applied to the hair, left for two hours or more, then washed with water and moistened. Seder and henna Mix equal amounts of Sidr and henna powder, then mix the mixture with a cup of yogurt, apply on the hair, leave for thirty minutes, then wash.

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