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Until about a year ago, I have never considered using Essential Oils for my overall health. I didn't really even heard of essential oils or what they were. I just thought people used them because they smell nice.
Till one day, I was invited to a class which absolutely changed my life and my family's life.
I was really skeptical at first, but I was willing to try a natural way to take care of our health, since I was searching for any kind of natural ways to start taking care of our health anyway.

I remember thinking to myself, when I first bought these oils, that there is no way a little drop of an oil can help with pain or burn or cut or even worse, till I tried them myself. The more I tried, the more I saw amazing results. And even though I saw all these fast results, every time we would deal with something new like allergies for example, I would always think the negative and think there is no way this could work, but over and over again my family kept on being amazed how fast and effective these oils were and I had them right at my fingertips.
As a mother, I felt so empowered and eventually got rid of all my pharmaceutical drugs in my medicine cabinet and replaced them with the doTERRA Essential Oils and so far that is all we have been using and experiencing with and the results are amazing.

I am not saying that I will never use the western medicine, but I will always try natural way to take care of our health first, mostly because I don't have to worry about side effects and like I said, I have seen some amazing results and the stories that I keep hearing off, just keep on amazing me.




  1. There is a high demand for essential oils right now in the world and that is because people are seeing the amazing overall health benefits they receive from these oils, including me.

  2. Essential oils are not just used as a scent but they are way more powerful and efficient because even just by inhaling these oils possess properties that interact directly with your limbic system which is the emotional center of your brain.

  3. Essential oils purify and cleanse the air in my home by killing all the bacteria, sickness and viruses when I diffuse them, and to tell you the truth, my family has not been sick for a long time since I started using these oils.

  4. I use my essential oils in cooking, in my drinking water which helps with cleansing my body and it supports for my immune system plus it's it has all the other amazing properties for my overall health.

  5. I replaced all my toxic cleaners, by making my own cleansing, disinfectant spray bottles using the essential oils and other natural ingredients.

  6. Essential oils are wonderful for rejuvenating your skin when I apply them topically and also they have the natural cleansing and also antibacterial properties by ingesting them.

  7. No side effects. There might be minor side effects, especially if you have a sensitive skin, you might get a rash in which case or in all cases we recommend to dilute these essential oils with coconut oil. You also have to be more careful with citrus essential oils, if applied on your skin during summer time. You should never apply citrus oils on your skin when you will have a direct contact with the sun because it can really damage/burn your skin.
    Using synthetical medicine your body will go through side effects, no exceptions to any medicine.
    Dr. William Osler, M.D. quoted;
    "The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine."

  8. The oils are cheaper and safer than buying pharmaceutical drugs. There are some oils that are more expensive, but that is because the health benefits they provide are amazing and one of them is the Frankincense oil, which is the King of oils, but that's because it is very hard to harvest this oil and no other oils provides all these amazing benefits for our health and so powerful like this oil. The same thing is with the best medicine, you pay more.
    As for safety, we have never heard of overdose or death or serious side effects by using Essential Oils. Pharmaceutical Drugs, on the other hand, give you side effects and even death.
    Every 19 minutes someone dies from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs which is the biggest killer right now in the United States.
    More than 100,000 Americans die every year, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control from using properly prescribed, and properly taken prescription drugs, not including overdoses or any illegal drugs.

  9. Essential oils are called the "Lifeblood of plant" because they circulate through the plant tissues and pass through cell walls and carry the nutrition into the cells and carry out the waste products.
    And this is how they work within our bodies. It carries oxygen into our cells and carries out the heavy metals and toxins, by helping to remove them and flush them through the liver, colon, sweat, lungs, and kidneys.
    Essential oils in fact, are one of the natures best body cleansers.

  10. Essential oils give me energy and support my immune system, unlike synthetical medicine which depresses your body and mind.

  11. Essential oils are great tools that provide relaxation, motivation, clear mind, peace and so much more and they are the right tools for us to use to help our bodies heal itself, since that is how our bodies are made, to heal itself, but you have to provide it with the right tools.

  12. Each Essential Oil contains at least 100 different constituents that work in different directions depending on the needs of my body. For example, Oregano oil, kills hostile microbes while nurturing the friendly ones. Unlike synthetical medicine, will kill the hostile microbes and all the good and friendly hostile microbes.

  13. Instead of Masking the Symptoms with synthetical medicine which does not solve the root problem, I chose to use the plant-based, natural, God-given medicine which really focuses on the root of the problem by giving our bodies the ability to fight illness and disease. This is what Essential Oils job is, to support the body to be able to minimize disease and illness, which naturally reduces the symptoms of the health problem.
    Our bodies accept the oils, because it recognizes its nature and it works with it, but with synthetical medicine, our body will fight it because it does not recognize it.

  14. Essential oils regulate many functions. Essential Oils act as a messenger and supervisors within the plant and act as a plant hormone by protecting the plant from diseases, sicknesses, viruses and predators and they also play a huge role in the plant's pollination, and that is exactly what they do within the human body.
    Essential Oils act as peptides, steroids, neurotransmitters, enzymes, vitamins, hormones and help to restore or maintain wellness.





I'll be doing another post this week about What Are Essential Oils and more about them, for people who are not really familiar with these oils because I love spreading the word that there are other safer options to take care of your and your family's overall health and wellness.



If you are interested you can check my FB Page Earths Gift or you can check my website Click Here. If you have any questions, please comment on the bottom.
Also tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 18, at 8 pm. (Pacific Time), my group and I will be hosting a FB Essential Oils Class absolutely free, just let me know if you would like to watch it, so that I can add you, it will be recorded so that you can watch at any time.

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God Bless!

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Good to see more people using natural ways to take care of health.

Yes natural things are always batter and healthy and sometimes when we not get solutions for other things too then we use natural things because though it takes time but more powerful and healthy and this is perfect post that what exactly benefits of which oil is batter and why it to use.

Natural medicines are the best. Who knows exactly is in the pharmaceuticals?

Exactly, my friend.

Nature gives us everything but we don't exploit this...
Wonderful post... And gave me a pretty good idea about Essential Oils.
I'm waiting for the next post ... my friend @joalvarez
thank you

Thank [email protected]
I'm glad that you got the chance to learn a bit about essential oils and that is all I'm trying to do is to educate people about other, safer and natural ways to take care of health.
Have a wonderful weekend.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I only get to hear this from my girl friends. They keep talking about that but I only partially. Reading your post I realized it has lots of benefits. It's more natural. My mom is an advocate to natural remedies. If you are familiar with Healing Wonders of Herbs and Healing Wonders of Water, those are books I grew up with. Now that I am older, I lean more towards prescribed meds. However, I am starting going back "naturally."

Wow. I am so glad that you are starting going back to natural meds and having your mom using natural remedies is a great bonus. I will have to get these books because I love learning about natural health remedies. Thanks for the tip.

Np...Also, you can check natural remedies encyclopedia if it's available.

My wife has a lot of those essentials oils. It does work pretty good.

you are right about essentia oils. İ recommend you to read bullerproof diet and why we get fat. These books contribute positive aspects for your thoughts about fats/oils. We have to be carefull while consuming carbs. According to The writers of the books that i had mentioned, oils give direct Energy as we eat but carbonhidrates are difficult foods to gain energy easily

Thank you @quantum999 for your recommendation and I will definitely try to check this book out since I love learning about health.

I agree with you on this. I always prefer natural ways too. It's cheaper and fewer hazards to our health. Thanks for the information.

Thank you @bhabykat.
It really makes me happy to see more people using natural ways or looking towards natural ways to take care of their health, because that is how our bodies were made for to heal itself, but we just have to take care of it and give the right tools so that it can do just that.

I liked your post, thank you for writing good posts, I wish you a lot of likes, and the most important is profitable ones.

Thank you so much @baksi for your lovely words, and it really means a lot to me.

I've never used an essential oil before but after reading this I realize that there's many benefits by using them.It is true indeed that people are having problems by wrong prescriptions while with essential oils there are not as many issues in terms of that.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Thank [email protected] and I'll make some posts about the oils this week and hopefully, you will be able to see them.
I don't ever see myself not using essential oils, because I have seen what they can do, and I am still learning and experiencing with them and the beautiful thing is that our bodies are all different and so the oils will work someway differently on different people, but our bodies will actually tell us what works and what doesn't, but with no side effects and there will always be an oils that will work for you.

I am also against pills and I always try first the natural way! I would like to watch it, if it's still possible! cheers @joalvarez

That would be great and I'm so happy that you are wanting to take care of your health in the natural way too.
I and my team just made a FB Live Class yesterday, and if you would like me to add you to it (you can watch it till the end of this week because we will be having Buy One, Get One Free oils starting tomorrow, Tuesday-Saturday). https://www.facebook.com/groups/1689486641062732/?ref=group_header (I'm not sure if this link will work, but if not just go to my FB page, (Earths Gift)on the bottom of my post there is the link and let me know if you would like to watch the video, but I will make some more posts here this week about the oils anyways.

This is very interesting. I see a lot of people using essential oils, I've noticed that diffusers are quite popular nowadays.
I would love to hear what kind of essential oils you use for different things or symptoms - for example which one you would recommend for face, headache, immune system...
Thanks for sharing this post, I'm looking forward to read more about this subject!

I just saw a photo shared on your Facebook page that says what essential oils are solutions for different problems. :)

Thanks @nikolina.
I love the diffusers because they are great substitute for synthetic candles, if you are looking for the amazing smells and the cozy feeling, plus there are so many health benefits by using diffusers and everyone in your home will benefit from it, and it also purifies the air in your home and kills all the sicknesses and viruses.
I will make more posts about oils that I use for skin, headaches, pain, immune system etc. but I also just did a FB Live class yesterday, Sunday with my group because this week we (doTERRA Essential Oils)are having a Buy One, Get One FREE week. So if you would like to watch the Oil Class, just let me know and I'll add you to it and you can watch the video through the week.
Like you have seen the poster, these oils can help and support all of those kinds of problems, from just a headache to some serious health concerns etc. but that also has to do with eating the right foods, and exercising and drinking enough water and have enough rest etc.
But I will make post this week about what are essential oils etc.

Yes, I would love to check out the video and get more information. I will also do a little bit more research about essential oils in general, to solve some of the problems I mentioned but also as a natural way to take care of myself.
Thank you for such a detailed reply! <3

If you have Facebook you can join our one week group where the video is
I think this should work. This week we are having buy one get one free promotion and that is why we did this video about essential oils, but if you have no time I will post my video here either today or tomorrow.
The best oils for skin are Frankincense but doTERRA has its' own skin products which are absolutely amazing and contain the top skin oils in it. Another skin product is lavender, tea trea, geranium and myrrh oil.
For the immune system I use clove, oregano black pepper, thyme, but what works for my family the best is doTERRA blend which is protective blend OnGuard and I diffuse that everysingle day or apply on bottom feet. I'll make a video about how I use the top 10 essential oils and how they can benefit you and I'll try to cover these in it

I've joined the group on Facebook.
This is all very useful information, thank you for sharing. I'm going to take a look at some of the local health food stores/drugstores for some of the essentials oils. I'm not sure what kind of options we have here in Serbia but I think I'll be able to find good ones.

I'm so glad you joined the group and glad it was helpful, I also have my own fb page https://www.facebook.com/Joannaatdoterra/ if you were interested.
I would strongly suggest to use doTERRAs oils, and not only because I use them, but because you will get the health benefits that you are looking for because these are the most potent, pure and safe oils in the world right not. I know that they can be more expensive than in the stores, but that is because they are pure while the oils in health stores are filled with synthetics, other oils, artificial flavors etc. even though they say they are 100% pure, you will not get the same health benefits as doTERRAs oils and that is why they are cheeper. I know, because I've been there and done that and hear stories about it. But I'll mention that in my post and I guess, you can get some benefits from these store oils, it's probably better than not using anything, but just so you know there is no governing body to check what really is in those bottles so you might end up with some chemicals or synthetics, artificial flavors and if not then just filled with vegetable oils etc. not organic or 100%pure even though the label says so.
I love that you are looking into essential oils and I don't want to discourage you or scare you, but just want you to get more value and health benefits for your money.
What makes doTERRA stand our too, is that we don't sell our products on store shelves, because we want to educate people how to use these oils safely and how they can get the best benefits from them and that is why these oils shouldn't even be on shelves because people need to be educated how to use these oils.
Again, I'm just so happy for you to use essential oils and whatever you choose it will benefit you, I just want to help and educate people on these oils and help them get the best results.