Watch As I Get a Full Naturopathic and Iridology Health Consultation

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In today's crazy world most people wait until they are sick before going to see the doctor.

Then, once they are there, he usually won't even suggest any diet or exercise changes but instead will prescribe some dangerous chemical that won't actually cure the problem but will hide or mask the symptoms until the person gets more sick... and then he'll prescribe more chemicals which will do the same until the person either dies, runs out of money or both.

It's an evil, sick system that has your average Westerner sick the majority of their lives.

When you try to tell many of them that all they need to be healthy is to intermittently fast, eat a diet of mostly fruit and some raw vegetables and get some exercise they will accost you for spreading such blasphemous information!

Those types of people will scoff at this video of me getting a naturopathic health consultation along with iridology.

Well, let them scoff because everything I have seen of this approach shows nothing but cured and healthy people while those who go to the butchers in the white lab coats when they are feeling down walk away amputated, toxified and often dead.

If you've ever wondered what its like to get a naturopathic iridology consultation you can watch mine here:

If you have any questions or would like to get a consultation yourself here is the information you need to know:

Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club:

Consultation with Patty Lager directly: [email protected]

Herbs recommended by Patty for Jeff:

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Indeed, let them scoff. There is no way around natural law, and in the end it's us raw vegans who are the only ones left.

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It was crazy the things a guy told me from looking into my eyes...very accurate, he knew the health problems of my past not just present and I hadn't even filled out an intake form, it was not a full consultation, he was just doing an info demo.

Good for you Jeff. I've been with Dr. Morse's recommendations for well over a year now and most of my health issues are gone, no more white coat bullshit, and I'm 50 pounds lighter. He's a brilliant man. If you haven't checked him out yet look up Mark James Gordon, one of Dr. Morses' students with his own youtube channel and pretty damn good pod cast live on Monday nights. Good Stuff. If you listen closely you' hear about and learn of Master Gino and his tutorials which IMO is the next step in this evolutionary chain we happen to be on. Bravo buddy and keep going!


Cool, thanks for sharing!

Everywhere is the same, doctor doesn't really care about the patients. They care more about their income. Everyone should learn to be the doctor of your own

Yeah i agree, I also find that energy healers are more compassionate people who do typically care about there patients.

Vote up and RESTEEMED. Jeff, you are AWESOME !!!

Jeff, I wanted you to know I posted an article with you in it. It is my 1 year anniversary on Steemit and I give my praise to YOU for introducing me to Steemit. Thanks Jeff. Here is the Link

Also re-programming the subconscious mind to rid yourself of negative belief systems is also an important if not the most important determinant of health. Jeff talks a bit of this in his article "We Are All Massively Brainwashed... Here Are My Top Three Ways To Deprogram Yourself". It is also a topic I will be covering myself.. My Experience with a Naturopath was not a positive one. Not sure about now but there used to be a lot of fakes in this field. The allergy testing method used with me consisted of pressing glass jars full of possible allergens to my arm, followed by arm wrestling me. He would then judge whether I was allergic to something or not based on how well I arm wrestled him. There is obviously many reasons why this method is flawed, so I wont bother to even mention. I already use other healing modalities, but I look forward to looking more into Naturopathic medicine now, as your faith in it makes me want to give it another chance.

Nice post

Absolutely I need to start eating healthy. I do know that when I am eating more veggies and fruits I feel 100 times better. The sick care industry makes so much off people it is ridiculous. Once again thanks for sharing another informative post.

Agreed on what was discussed about diet and fasting, can't get on board with the iris pseudo-science.

The iridology part sounded very much like a psychic palm reading or cold reading exercise.

Hurray! Iridology is a fantastic diagnostic tool. Definitely one I use and recommend. Good for you for speaking out on this. It's really something that needs more widespread awareness.

My wife is studying natropathy atm and was studying this very subject last week checking out my eyes..great article mate, the big pharma cartel hate it as healthy people dont produce profits

The "Health Vigilante"???

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wow never heard of that before will research thanks

@jeffberwick Dude no way I posted an iridology piece today also! What a great coincidence keep spreading this awesome awareness! Dr Morse is definitely an inspiration! :)

You are definitely a hard act to follow. Good info!

Good post Jeff. Doctors don't care, the system is broken. Even here in Australia doctors don't care about patient health.

Our doctors are some of the worst in rural WA. Very sick town here. Massive hospital here where one really shouldnt need to be here. Full of 'old' people all the time. Must cost the government major dollars. Huge drain on recources.

Love this! - Did it last summer

Nice post @jeffberwick
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Exercise is key

Thanks, great post as always.

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The first time I had an iridology examination, I was blown away by how accurate it was without any mention of areas of concern, etc.

It's so nice to hear about this. I never would go to a regular doctor but this seems like real stuff. I definitely notice that healthy people's eyes are brighter.


Great health advise from the doctor, she really knows how to heal and detoxify the body. I've learned a lot from what she had to say.Thank you for sharing ...upvoted and resteemed :)

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We can upvote Jeff before watching.

When you have followed Jeff for some time you know it's always good content :)

I have seen many herbalist taking the courses needed to learn this as well as incorporating more traditional chinese medicine and using the herbs used to heal not place a bandage over it like many do.

That was great! Thanks for sharing!

Best post ever! Iridology is a amazing way of seeing into the disfunctions of the body. Thanks Patty and Jeff, great job.

Yes Jeff, GP doctors are Criminals for following the Pharmacutical companies reports and teachings.. All the medical schools are funded by these companies.

A Naturopath is definitely the way to go! I worked in the Health Insurance industry for 17 years and once I started going to a Naturopath instead of a "regular" doctor, I could no longer justify staying in the industry. The steroids they kept me on were slowly killing me. Going all natural has allowed me to go off all medications and feel good for the first time in my life!

Thanks for sharing. I never heard of this practice before, but will explore it and see if I can get a check up as well although I am in a different continent.

awesome! so glad you did this Jeff. dr. morse is an angel! his products are numero uno!

Upvoted and also resteemed!

good to know about the alcohol tinctures... that is good information. I really do think the body has all the potential to heal, given the right nutrition. Thanks for this post!

Stomach problems are related with anger. For me cannabis oil was a real solution, a blessing for the whole digestive system.

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that what you called steemit eye!

Its crazy that we would even put anything artificial into our bodies.

This is so cool!