The Importance of Exercise... Getting Ripped on a Raw Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, Calisthenic Workout

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If you've been following my transformation here on Steemit you'll know that I've done psychedelics, fasting, meditation, yoga and changed my diet to a raw vegan diet in the last few months and years which led me to stopping smoking and drinking.

What I haven't discussed yet is the importance of exercise in all of this.

It began months ago with just a daily morning walk... one that has turned into my daily "walk n' talks" with the anarchodogs.

Since, I've added in cardio on the elliptical machine both in the morning and at night. And have just recently introduced some weight training and, more importantly, calisthenics.

What has occurred is that I am in the best shape of my life at 46 years old and I am just getting started.

In this "walk n' talk" I talk about how crucially important daily exercise is. And I mean crucial!

And I talk about what I've been doing and the results I've been having.

When I first told people I was going to go raw vegan AND intermittently fast for 17 hours per day, most people warned me that I'd waste away and be sickly.

Like most, they are brainwashed by the cult(ure). There are countless vegan bodybuilders and athletes now and most of them also intermittently fast as it can increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 2,000%.

I am just getting started and about to go much more heavily into calisthenics. You can follow my progress here on Steemit.

My next goal is six pack abs which is something I've never had in my life. My goal is to have them by the end of the summer. We'll see what happens!


Good going!
I have been doing the vegan diet for almost three years now.
For the better. I am much more healthy than ever before.
As soon as those bad bacteria and other bad stuff dies out within the gut and whatnot it get's so much easier. I do not crave bad things at all anymore. That's why most people do not understand this stuff. They just can not imagine how it feels to live this way.

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Keep up the great work and motivation Jeff! I am making a lifestyle change myself and it is amazing! Happens one day at a time.

Thanks for sharing!

I used to follow a heavy routine, gained 20 kg in a short amount of time. Wasn't sustainable though. Now I exercise about one hour daily, which I think is enough. Mostly cardio. Feeling pretty good.

I actually have been fasting for 20 hours per day and eat under 80 grams of protein per day, eat mostly plants with some fish, chicken, eggs and use a all natural whey supplement from grass fed milk. Have no problem going to the gym and training for 2 hours on an empty stomach, 1 hour of weights and 1 hour of cardio. If I did not do this I would be heading down the path of all my family members of heart disease at age 40. There is a lot of blind people out there when it comes to nutrition and health. The system will notbe able to hold what is coming down the pipeline in 20 years from now. Glad you figured things out and are headed in the right direction.

Noticing what you eat I realise you didn't read the book 'Mucusless diet healing system' by Prof Ehret and Prof Spira. If you really would like to go healthy I recommend this book, it will give you a whole new perspective on food(s).

Trust me you will not find all your answers in some book. My grandfather lived to 99 years old in a 3rd world country on a diet made up of 60-70% animal protein and never went to a dr in his life. There are many like him in my country. I also have known raw Vegans that have died very young and never ate meat. A lot of what ultimately happens is already written for you in your DNA. I keep things simple, I eat food like people ate a few hundred years ago, mostly plants and not too much. I love cooking and enjoy spending time doing so and grow most of my vegetables. I also love salt water fishing and catch most of the fish I eat all year here in Sunny Florida. At the end of the day people should do what makes them happy and not worry so much about dying. That stress is what actually ages people prematurely and makes them live a life full of stress and worries in the present.

my father is 92 and has been, is eating everything you better not, so I hear you.
I on the other hand choose to not only be clean from the outside but also from the inside.
No I am not afraid of dying since we do not die. But I don't want this layer of mucus, puss and acid inside my beautiful and strong body that has kept me healthy for all these years. My body is my temple so I treat it with love and respect while enjoying cooking and eating the most wonderful dishes without mucus, puss and acid forming foods/products. And that makes me very happy and does not give me any stress or worry.
There are also smokers who were still smoking in their nineties and never a day sick in their lives so yes it's about chance as well. Cheers to chance.

Great post, very inspiring mate!

yep agreed! fitness and health is the key to all happiness!

I've been vegan for 2.5 years. I tried raw vegan for 3 months last year, but it was not very easy where I live due to the extremely poor selection of fruit

calisthenics are my favorite, great core control involved and so many functional movements!

Hey, we're the same age - I took up running seriously last September and I have never been so streamline - feel great but I have to buy a whole new wardrobe as my waistline measurement is back to my teens! Hope you get the six-pack...

Great way to stay in shape! What are your thoughts on ketogenic diet? Cheers!

Yes! It is truly inspiring to see more and more people becoming aware of themselves and their health.
This is the shift that we need in a planetary scale !
Martin Luther King once said
"One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them."
If you started your path from you health and self-actualization you're opening doors to the high consciousness levels where you are literally becoming able to create your own reality!

I'm also a vegan for 2 years now and became stronger and more muscular than on a meat eating diet. Also my digestion got a lot better.

Same here. Vegan for 4.5 years and never felt better. Despite very little exercise.

Exercise and Raw Vegan = winner. I would love to see you with the six pack abs on Steemit. I bet you will look Great. Good luck to you @jeffberwick

Good luck Jeff. Those abs are not far off from a 6-pack already!

THANK YOU Jeff for posting all this info

The Best Amino Acids come from FRUITS!

Great work Jeff, soon you will be in good enough shape to be able to keep up with me on my hikes.

I tried talking with you at the 2017 Anarchapulco to be your trainer.

I have worked with Daniel Igali Canadian Gold Medalist Wrestler,
Emanuel Sandhu Canadian figure skater,
hockey hall of famer Mark Messier

I mentioned to you that I follow Dr. Morese protocal with primarily fruits.

Look like your following a lot the stuff now.

I hope your more interested in a training partner/trainer??? let me know I am renting a place in Acapulco in Oct/Nov.

Target Fat with FAT (MCT Oil a refined coconut oil) melts the fat off if your not eating carbs.

You can really see that lack of protein :v

I will take the porterhouse,Good luck!

Yeah with daily intermittent fasting and resistance training your core you should be able to get that six pack by the end of this summer. I am actually bulking this summer and am also incorporating intermittent fasting for a cleaner bulk.

Raw Vegan for the WIN!!

i do not think i could go vegan. there are so many foods i would miss eating. but, i suppose i do not know the full power of my mind yet.

wow! truly awesome well done!

I found you man and followed you. you are really inspiring us thanks for your contribution to steemit community

I always look forward to watch your videos, it is very inspiring and helpful. Thank you for your work Jeff :)

Finding inner peace, seams to be the way. Finding that in this mental system is the trick. Peace.

Have you tried breathing techniques like Wif Hof or traditional pranayama? They will change your life.

I literally had no clue you could get ripped on a raw vegan diet; I think the reason I didn't know you could is because of the fact that I actually know many people into fitness and I have done a lot of research myself, but those people I know are SOOOOO against vegan diets (can't be athletic, etc.), that I never even researched it. This is something I am definitely going to try. Thank you for the information; it will really help me out! :)

p.s. I saw you speaking a little spanish in your most recent "don't stay in school video" (such a sham, college, I just realized too late) - I've been practicing myself recently and have posted a few practice articles, as well as invited people to my new Poetry contest in spanish (, since I'd LOVE if it became a bilingual contest! That would be very cool. Anyway, I've also started looking at a lot of your content on YouTube and realllllllly like the way you think, so keep up the great work and I'll keep watching! :)

Good job Mr. B. Lookin' good. One more note, lose the sun glasses. Another of societies bullshit sales pitches. You as a human have a contract with the sun. Your eye's and health will improve dramatically without them. Love what your puttin' out. By the way, I see you're into Dr. Morse did you ever check out Dr. Cassar? He's a fantastic man also............. be well brother.

Yes, I actually only wear them in photos and rap videos (rap video coming out soon) ;)

Agreed. There's science behind this too.

Your eyes are how your body detects light. If you wear glasses in the sun, you break the natural process of tanning. Your body thinks you're in the shade, and you are not. Then your skin does not respond to the sun as it should. That increases your risk of skin cancer.

I wear them only when absolutely necessary because of driving towards the sun or while doing surveillance person to person (you need to be able to look at people without them realizing you're doing it).

Hey brother! Good to hear from you! Yes, you are exactly right! People have been told a hell of o' lot of BS and sold a hell of o' lot more crap in the process. Check out those two Dr.'s I mentioned. I started with both of them over a year ago after white coat doc's passed me around like a free dessert at the local buffet and took all of my fiat $ I found them. These guys "cured" all my issues in less than a year and it's so simple. Very disciplined but sooooo simple.

Aren't UV-protected sunglasses a pretty important thing to protect against eye cancer though? You don't want more than about 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure, at least during the peak 4 hours in the middle of the day (10am to 2pm here in northeast USA)

That's what you've been told, but I do not believe it is true. Do animals wear sun glasses? They don't get skin cancer. Humans wore sun glasses for how long in the past? It hasn't been long.

You're being sold something that is bad for you. Look into it beyond the first Google hits you get. The truth is out there.

The main reason I started wearing sunnies was so people didn't recognize me, and I wouldn't have to talk to them. trouble is now I need them everytime I go out into the sun which is a shame

Why do you need them for the sun? ;-)

Because my eyes got used to the shade, so now the sun is actually too bright for me

Just finished the mucusless diet book ! Good stuff ! Starting off slow , diet changed and doing some brooming , green veggies ! Energy levels are up ! Doing half day fast ! The book says take it slow , progress ! Especially the wreck less types ! Cheers !

can you further deduce your plan for 17 hours

Super badass! I keep realizing that a big step in the "Awakening" process is really integrating your physical side which goes hand in hand with your spiritual side. We have a human body for a reason and it is important for us to care for it daily. Cheers! @jeffberwick

You have done so much in such short amount of time ! This is simply amazing how much will power a person could have. After following your journey I as well tried out fasting for 3 days ! Man it's life changing and now I intermittently fast for 17 hours all the time. There's so much one could learn from you. And best of all, you don't bullshit and keep it real all the time !

Love your results!! I am not raw, but eat raw 2 meals of the day mostly and fast 15-17 hours and have definitely noticed, after having an injury and not exercising and now getting back into exercising just walking... it makes a huge! difference. I can't wait till I can start building strength again. Thanks for the info and inspiration! <3

I am reluctantly moving in the direction of raw veganism. Obviously eating lots of fruits and vegetables is good for you but total elimination of animal products is still controversial even in alternative healthcare. I am writing a series of articles called "Finding Wellness" and posting them on Steemit at @bruceking. I am trying to present balanced information. Currently the argument for animal protein is that you can only get complete essential amino acids from animal products, B12 and also creatine and carnosine in abundance. The counter to this argument is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for complete essential proteins, you can get B12 from eating dirt and that the body makes all the creatine and carnosine that it needs without eating animal products. I know I feel better when I eat primarily a plant based diet.

@jeffberwick, You look great! I bet you feel amazing too! I do!!! My better half and I have gone to an all fruits and vegetable diet (meat and eggs once a week), a drink or two a week . . . and holy moly! We do not have anymore digestion issues, we feel amazing, we have energy, we do "some" workout, and list just goes on and on. We regularly fast for 12 or more hours everyday! Love, love, love!

Sorry, but I just don't see the benefits of veganism. I totally agree with intermittenly fasting, but some nice beef in the diet can only benefit you.

There are no benefits only negatives.

Seems like a dogmatic statement. I suggest you read the primal blueprint .
Really helped me understand genetics and diet.

It's acidic and creates mucus in the body and has no nutriton... and if not organic is full of crap. Primal is better than your average American diet but still not as healthy as raw vegan.

Let's just agree to disagree and see who can lift more on the next Anarchapulco ;)

I have to agree with Alex. If anything can generally be cut out of many people's diets without much ill-effect it's the majority of high-carb foods, which can be quite damaging due to glycation and are generally found in large quantities in fruit on most raw vegan diets. Many people have actually made themselves quite ill on raw-vegan diets due to lack of some nutrients, also, especially when they try them haphazardly without really knowing what they're doing or consulting a professional.

Meat has quite a bit of nutrition, also. The statement that it doesn't is quite false and obviously so when you do some research. Go
organic and grass fed with your meats for best quality, and eat organ meats as well for the most well-rounded nutrition. For best results eat it with lots of low-carb veggies, especially greens, with lots of healthy fats. My favorite books on the subject are Primal Body, Primal Mind and Deep Nutrition. I've read many others, though, even about veganism and raw-veganism, which I tried about 10 years back. I lost some weight but wasn't sustainable for me. It can work for some but you have to be careful to not hurt yourself in the long run. Otherwise good luck and keep up the great work!

I don't doubt for a second that you can be healthy on a vegan diet and intermittent fasting. I'm doing the latter, although not the former - sticking to an ultra-healthy, but admittedly animal-product-heavy diet for now.

You must use B-12 and vitamin D supplementation, right? Or what products are you using besides the raw foods themselves?

Thats super awesome, i think you can even go for 8!

I'm totally down with the vegan diet. As a Christian, I believe that we were designed to be vegetarians. When God created Adam and Eve, God gave them a vegetarian diet. So this is the ideal way to eat.

idk if I agree, idk where your evidence is that God gave them a vegetarian diet.
but I do always like how Daniel tested the king with the eating habits thing. maybe it wasn't Daniel but oh well,

Well done Jeff- i would have thought you would be skinnier with the vegan diet , i can see my assumption was wrong . It must be hard the 17 hours without food every day - you are very disciplined. I am impressed with the increases in HGH you are attaining. Are you taking any protein powders?

It's not hard at all. Once you get on intermittent fasting your hunger pains go away.

Good to know - what hours of the day do you eat?

The body is looking great Jeff! :)

A healthy body for a healthy mind!

@JeffBerwick Great job in following all the healthy habits... which is not easy to do with the lifestyle You had.

Congrats & BIG Kudos 2 You !!

I hope you get ripped Jeff! Yes protein supplements are too expensive. Just imagine getting ripped on a vegan diet what the majority would think. Most people tend to believe the more protein the more muscle. Go Steem.

Did you do the 16-8 protocol for IF?

Getting Ripped on Raw Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, Calisthenic Workout, HGH Injections, and Steroid Supplements


The results speak for themselves :D

Badass post man, keep it up!

Do you think that would work for a 60 year old man?

I look forward to witnessing your progress in this. Very interesting, good luck in your workouts and on that six pack!

Get yourself a gada mace perhaps. It is a near perfect exercise and is also a meditation at the same time. You breathe to the revolutions too.

Hi Jeff. my day is not complete without watching your videos daily. I started intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day now. My hunger pains go away after 2 days of fasting. I'm loving it. I love your anarchast videos as well. it's all mind blowing. Thank you .

That's awesome keep up the great work! I have been doing calisthenics for about a year now, I have a really good workout. It's a step program...6 exercises each has 10 steps.

The exercises are:
1 - push-ups
2 - pull-ups
3 - leg raises
4 - squats
5 - bridge
6 - handstands

1st month you start at step 1 of the first 4 exercises.

Step 1 - wall push-ups - step 10 one handed push-ups, each month you progress through each step till u get to step 10

Same for each exercise

If you are interested I can email you the whole program, it has worked great for me

Dude. Your my inspiration!!

Awesome! Priorities, man. Do you want it that bad, or not? Do it! You are doing it, Jeff, and you may inspire others to get it together.

Great job dude. Its so hard to be disciplined at times, but its worth it. Its good to see tgat your javing success with the whole thing.

At my age i really need to be physically fit and healthy. Since i havent done exercises due to work. But i think its not too late upon reading your post. Thank you

Not that jeff is doing this, but I'd probably be more disposed towards vegans if they didn't get so militant about preaching their lifestyle. The ones I have met personally -- and I know who they are because they proclaim it loudly (whether you asked or not), tend to ride everyone around them about their diet choices.

Its pretty goddamn obnoxious.

I like how Jeff goes about it though, he just puts it out there and you decide for yourself. Which is what I wish most of the vegans would do.

Great article. I got into triathlons after years of being overweight and drinking too much. It feels so good to be fit and have the stress releases from exercise.

Calisthenics is probable one of the only ways to naturally build muscle mass and strength without the use of weights and having to go to the gym. Its a good choice for people who aren't out to get a hard-core body builder body. Muscles are built on the principle of progressive resistance. You can only progress your resistance so far when your only weight is your own body. However, calisthenics can build a reasonable amount of muscle mass, and maintain it, especially for a beginner looking for moderate muscle growth.

No alcohol or flakies!(Canuck for doughnuts).....

The most important thing for me about exercising is after doing so, your mindset is changed, it makes me want to eat healthy and not want to eat fast-food, it makes me start thinking about what im going to do the next day at the gym and fills me with motivation. If you get in to a routine of slouching around on your days off, all you will want is to be lazy and buy pre cooked meals and get deliveries.

Im a fan of intermittent fasting, and have been on it for a long time ( skip sometimes for social events) and do regular up to 20h fasts but for those of us that have been building up muscle and want to preserve as much as possible it is very hard to manage to eat around 1.8grams of protein per kg of weight in a small 4-6 hour eating window on a vegetarian/vegan diet. Its possible but its a lot of bulk of food. I avoid processed meats and follow a balanced diet and I think I am in good shape on the inside and outside! I hope I get to your age and have your motivation though, keep it up !

A raw, vegan diet together with intermittent fasting is so powerful, and you sir, are a great example of that!

I see that your post was 7 months ago, how are you doing? Any lifestyle changes since this post?


I got the inner health, fasting and food handled but I'm lazy as fuck! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Great info, thanks for sharing :-)

I've only been following you for 3 weeks now,but listening to you and hearing about your experiences has really got me thinking about my life.Some of things you talk about may sound a bit strange at first,but i must admit you seem to be onto a good thing here.
Most of the things you talk about are completely new to me,why aren't we told about these alternative non mainstream options. i now realise that i have been brainwashed for the last 40 years. Two years ago i had a heart attack and had to pack my job in. I'm now recovering and seeing the world i have been living in has been one big lie. I now realise how we have all been tricked by are governments and an elite group of people who control most of the wolds wealth.
It feels like i've finally awakened and i intend to live my a completely new way .Thanks for helping me to achieve this and keep up the good work.

Hey Jeff, I see those HGH injections are doing you good. Please share. I want some.

Dam your in good shape! Ive just started my journey by completely changing my diet 2 weeks ago. Ive never eaten so many fruits and veggies lol I feel different and better in a way I can't even explain and it's only been two weeks

well done jeff get the toxit out of your body

Your entire "walk n' talk" for this topic was a very eye opening and thought provoking video. Even as much as your talks about hallucinogenics. I will certainly be researching and looking in to intermittent fasting.

Go Jeff! I have been seeing some really good results with workouts I found on, great search function where you can focus on specific muscle groups, with or without weights, etc. Abs for example. I found the pictures very very helpful in keeping me on track. Give it a look (no, I am not related to the site in any way, just trying to be helpful). Cheers!

As an example:

image source

I need to increase my cardio again. I wish I had a stationary bike or elliptical at home because it's just getting way to hot to run outside. Ive been intermittent fasting for 5 months now and I love it.

All the best :)

ab ripper X will get you there!

Fasting+plant based diet eliminates all dis-ease

Keep it up dude. Totally support the fasting and vegan diet. Been doing this for 6 months now as well and the results are insane. Calisthenics are awesome, especially if you incorporate them with a HIIT style workout... that gives you the cardio and heart rate variability we all need to achieve as well. Cheers. Great job

Thanks for share :D

No pain no gain ! keep it up and enjoy your new life style !!

Jeff, Congrats on getting on the right path. I discovered a new technology that has transformed my fitness. Drug-free life enhancement! The most exciting thing sice bitcoin.

Health is the most important aspect of each of our lives.

You are breathing pretty heavy in that video. You gotta be careful you don't go too hard either.

Keep working on it brother, do not give up.

Congratulations Jeff!

God knew what He was talking about in the beginning. It is finally sinking into our thick skulls 6,000 years later. :)

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 1:29)

Strongest biggest mammals on the planet are vegan. Gorillas, Rhinos, Elephants

Do the least harm we can, because we can. Vegan anarchism.

vegan anarchist.jpg

I can't decide if I follow you for content or because I think your cute, both are great to view. 🤗

As always a pleasure to read ur post and looking at ur video. Inspiering. Thx for sharing

Keep up the hard work!

Great Job!
Its awesome to see your transformation.
To be honest I liked you and thought you were cool when u were drinking and smoking all the time. Though now I think you are a much better roll model or influence on your big support basis with this new found holistic approach.
I am BIG into health and have written a book about it. I believe fasting to be one of the healthiest things you can possibly do and fast for at least 14 hours every day. I usually only eat one meal a day actually.
Im not a raw vegan any more, was one for a while. I like it but find the fasting, quality water, exercise and such to be more of a factor than being all raw or not. Also quality of food of course. There is a big difference between a fish filet sandwich and salmon caught on my daily fishing journey.
Anyways keep it up and keep us posted on the transformation!

Upvoted! You're crushing it! Keep up the good work. I have been in the gym for many years now and I am also a fitness competitor. My biggest advice to you is trust the process and take lots of pictures along the way - it's AMAZING to see how our bodies can change so drastically. Diet is 95% and exercise is the other 5%...which you may have heard before.

If you're interested, check out my page! I post a lot of fitness stuff, as well as posts about mental health and well-being. Upvoted & followed!

Awesome sir! You are looking superb. It's because of your hard work, exercises, morning walks and dieting... And good luck , I hope you will get your 6 pack and soon. Keep going!👍

I'm not vegan, but I'm the same age and getting similar results from daily exercise and high testosterone diet. Great to see you transform your body to the best it can be.👌

I'm the same age and loosely follow a raw vegetable diet, but include eggs and fish.

I do mostly body weight exercises.

I've been following you for a while with your views on cryptocurrencies and anarchism, however, I never knew you were vegan as well?!

Awesome post man, you are an inspiration to me, a true "red-pill evangelist" ~

Have you heard of dr. Cassarr. I love his videos and have been following Him for years learning about true health. The way you break up your words reminds me off his manner of communications.

Good luck on your journey. I'm not fan of the intermitent fasting but if it fits you keep going. Also calistethenics is a great excersice

You and your dogs are hilarious dude. They dont' listen to you at all and your constantly giving them orders it's so fun to watch!

Looking good, bro. But if you really want a six pack you better be doing your squats. Squats increase metabolism, HGH, and burn more calories than virtually any other weight training exercise as they work the largest muscles in the human body. It will make shredding down to 10% bodyfat, and keeping it off, much easier than just doing cardio.

We better not see chicken legs next time you post a pic of you in shorts :)