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RE: GAPS Diet Part 4 – What if I don’t or can’t eat ANIMAL foods?

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My nutritionist friend who is about the healthiest person I know told me that a raw vegan diet is great for about three months, then it's not so good. The body needs clean animal protein.


Yes, that's what I believe too - that plants are good for cleansing but not for long term nourishment. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation (or partial information) out there, that people make life changing decisions based on. I want to get the other side out there, while still being respectful of the choices other people make.

The protein from animals arn't clean, plant protein are the clean sorse. The animals get their protein from plants.

By clean meat I mean pastured, grass fed, organic, etc.

Protein from animals are sekondary protein hwitch have the wrong Ph, its too sour from cows and pigs. Plant protein are easyer and helthyer for the human boddy to use. Meat are tester then beans and rise but comes with the wrong Ph and unhealty fat and colosterol.