My bodyboss challenge update! week 2 in 12 week program💪🏻🌟😃

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Greetings STEEMERS! 😃

I am very happy today on my second week in bodyboss 12 week challenge, because now I am on my way to a fit body! 😁 Despite minus 20 degree celsius in Nuuk, Greenland, I am still motivated! The more I can see the result, the more I get motivated to go on. 🌟

Now I have 10 weeks left! 😊 💪🏻


My previous post about bodyboss challenge

I will show you my body pictures down below:





Week 1 on my 12 week program

Week 2 on my 12 week program

My weight

Week 162,9138
Week 260,7133
Week 361,4135,3
Week 4Unkown
Week 161,5135,5
Week 261,7136

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@inuk................i think,,,,already you achieve your goal,,,,,,,,,,,one by one step you looking so gorgeous...............just keep it up............

😍 Thanks sweety! I will achieve the best of me 😄

A very best wishes to you @inuk.... you looks so gorgeous....this is the result of your hard work and you really deserve praise ..... your last post .... the climate in Greenland is quite adverse ... be Safe and have fun.... warm valentine wishes to you....

Thank you for your sweetest comment @prova and yes! the climate is different 😄 Wish you a nice valentine..

thank you @inuk for let us knowing about your health and fitness, those picture clearly tells the story and you are in well shaped.

loks gorgeous and beautiful......

Thanks dear :)

You look already shaped in my eyes! Go for it!

You are just incredible sweet! Thanks! <3

Maybe my eyes fail me but you look great in all photos!
Good luck in accomplishing your goal :)

Ooh! Thank you! It is difficult to see my result in those pictures. 😊

Outside of normal @inuk very nenikmatinya, enjoy continue, keep your body @ jhoni very like

Thank you @jhoni 😊

same as inuk, @jhoni always waiting for your posting, good

Wow..... You looks so are in perfect shape.... I got inspiration from you. Keep it up..... Take care and thanks for sharing.....

I wait your next post

wow........ dear friend you looking so cute and most beautiful.... and really i like your most beautiful post... dear friend....

Very nice your body 🤤😊

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