Urine Therapy As A Preventative Tonic, Day 2

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Today, after reading


"Your Own Perfect Medicine" by Martha Christy (1992)

yesterday, I decided to follow Martha Christy's advice. This morning, I woke at 430am to pee - again - this does not normally happen. So, I collected some, midstream, and took 3 drops sublingually. I also rubbed some on my skin.

I don't have anything "wrong" with me perse at the moment except for IBS, which I have had since childhood, tendonitis, which I have had since 1995, hip issues, my finger nails are vertically lined, and my tongue shows that I have malabsorption. I have never been able to find a solution to any of these issues. I also have rh-negatve blood, so in trying to go vegan, I struggle. I need meat. I have reduced my need for meat considerably but I still need it, and so I would like a solution for that. I have a theory that rh-negative people have more of the carnivorous alien DNA than the regular hominid. But maybe if it's meant to be, this will help me get off the need for meat once and for all. I have just been searching for a preventative tonic, that will protect me against all the environmental toxins:

Chemtrails, GMOs that I inadvertantly get, EMF's, etc - I do have symptoms of age - ie aches and pains - and I work on a computer - using photoshop and that aggravates the tendonitis, etc -

It just feels "right" to me that my own body should produce the anectdote for the poisons that are in my environment.48 oz of water a day. I just up'd it from 32. I want to get up to 64 oz a day - half my body weight in oz per day.

In addition, I am drinking about

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