100 mattresses for I.A.H.U.L.A.

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Our I.A.H.U.L.A.

The Autonomous Institute University Hospital of the Andes in
Mérida-Venezuela, is a fourth level university hospital with population coverage for the Andes Region. Its capacity is focused on specialized medical care (diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency) of high complexity. Every year, it attends an average of 160,000 people in consultations, 40,000 in emergency and 15,000 in hospitalization, performing an approximate of 12,500 surgeries, 9,000 oncologic treatments, 890,000 laboratory tests and 69,000 ultrasound and X-ray studies.

Why do we need mattresses?

  1. The half-life of a hospital mattress is 10 years, most of our hospital mattresses have much more than 10 years of use.
  2. The continuous use of these mattresses has caused wear and tear of the lining, with filtration of patients' body secretions into the foam rubber. In consequence, the mattress must be replaced to prevent the transmission of nosocomial infections.

What consequences does this mattress deficit bring?

  1. 20% of the hospitalization capacity has been lost and the demand for care has not been reduced, which leads to overcrowding of patients in the emergency room. In extreme cases it has been necessary to treat patients who are lying on the floor.
  2. The reduction in hospitalization capacity delays surgery procedures: currently 1,500 patients are awaiting surgery.

How many mattresses are needed?

The hospital requires an approximate of 114 mattresses.

In what areas of the hospital are the mattresses most needed?

In obstetrics, emergency rooms and hospitalization.

How I can help?

You can make a donation to this campaign.

What guarantee do I have that the mattresses will be purchased and delivered to IAHULA?

Through this page you can see the amount collected, documents and photographs of the process of acquisition and delivery of the mattresses. An external team will audit and monitor the movements on the website and verify that the mattresses are received in the hospital, and that the integral and transparent investment of the funds collected is made. A public record will be made.

The audit team is made up of the citizens:

Dr. Akbar Fuenmayor Arocha, Coordinator of the Public Policy Control and Monitoring Unit of the IAHULA.

email: [email protected]

Simón Romero, internal controller of the I.A.H.U.L.A.

Carmen Sofía Jiménez, Director of administration and services of the IAHULA.

The Organizing Team

“Solidarios con Venezuela” Foundation

Representative: Emma Vergara
Instagram and Twitter: @solidarios_vzla
e-mail: [email protected]

“Loto Azul” Foundation

Representative: Iderni Villalba
Instagram: @fundacionlotoazul
Web: https://www.fundacionlotoazul.com.ve
e-mail: [email protected]

“En Venezuela Unidos Para Ayudas Médicas”

Representative: Magaly de Dávila
Web: https://www.ayudasmedicas.org
email: [email protected]

IAHULA geographical location: September 16th Avenue, between the San José Obrero and Campo de Oro neighborhoods, Domingo Peña Parish, Libertador Municipality, Mérida State, Venezuela, located 768 km (in car) to the southwest of Caracas, zip code 5101.

Director of the institution: Dr. Ignacio Sandia Saldivia
E-mail: [email protected]


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