My 4th Mental Health Diagnoses is 'Anti Social Personality Disorder.' Let's discuss why?

in health •  18 days ago

'Professionals' wonder for 10-20 minutes why I don't give no fucks about taxes, laws, regulations, bank accounts or credit, and label me 'anti-social personality disorder' for the rest of my life.

I point you instead to the graves of good friends who gave everything they had defending oilfields and opiumfields from children younger than theirs they left behind.

I wonder if their bullets may have strayed because they couldn't bring themselves to legally murder when the government says so.. when we sign that we will, if ordered, along with our final will and testament and that we're first on the list in case of the draft no matter our current relationship with the military - 3 things you must sign to join - I wonder if their training and marksmanship all failed them with a kid who hasn't hit puberty down the end of their sights, and that little bit of a moral dilemma ended in the closing moments of their lives...

The richest 5% control 95% of the wealth, resources, housing, media.. everything. In these kinds of societies they can convince the government to produce more currency not out of thin air but out of debt.. in order to barter it to us for other debts. Cars, houses, any kind of equity those richest 5% control we pay interest on with money that already comes out of debt so we can pretend we're happier than our neighbors.

Moreover, you think living paycheck to paycheck isn't slavery? You think that being required to produce net net profit for CEOs who draw 10s 100s millions salary while you're trying to hold off the dogs that feed from your hands until you're 65 and somehow have generated - magically? - have that fundamental minimum they say you have to have to retire peacefully @ $2 or $3 million dollars, your nest egg to draw from?

There's one kind of prison where you can see the bars. There's another kind where the bars aren't there there is no 'glass ceiling' either but we still play along and have our consent manufactured and our language and culture taken away from us so we can't even conceptualize dissent any longer, let alone discuss it.

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