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    Hi steemians,this is a  quick one for the women.You dont have to go through hell in the name of  menstruation.The monthly period is a good sign of a real woman why must  yours be laced with pains?     Menstrual pain,Irregular menstrual cycle,dark menstruation all points  to a disorder in your system.It could wreck havoc in so many ways.its  sometimes a pointer to infertility,or finding it uneasy to be pregnant  at will.     Here are some remedies that are potent for your own  comes with the required recipe.Very cheap to get and easy to administer
  .IRREGULAR MENSTRUAL CYCLE                                                                                                                                  1.Cut Into pieces Unripe pineapple fruit,boil it with lime orange juice for 15mins.Take 3 cups daily for 5 days.   2.Get  the seeds of jatropha curcas,remove the skin of the seed to get the  melon like inner seed.Grind it and use it to fry one egg.Eat the egg  whilst still hot.                                                                                                                3.Grind the root of Morinda lucida in the water,add a little trona.Drink 3 times daily with any edible thing
    MENSTRUAL PAIN                                                                                                                                                                 1. Get two chunks of aloe vera.Cut into pieces or you blend it,add alcohol to it and leave to ferment for 7 days.Get  the extraction,measure the quantity of the fermented alcohol you  extracted,add the same quantity of water.Add 1/4 of honey,take half of a  glass cup every night.                                                                                          2.boil  the fresh bark of Astonia bonnie,after it has cooled down.Put all the  juice in another bottle,add much quantity of honey.Take 1/2 of a glass  daily,starting from a week before the time of the period till the end of  it.
BE HERBWISE !!!!!!!!

catch yah steemians

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Hi, I'm not a woman, and even if I were I'm too old to be interested in this but if I were I would really like to know if any of those herb names you used had common names that might make it easier for me to find the actual herb.

Please understand, THIS IS NOT CRITICISM. It's a friendly suggestion.

You are providing a generous, useful service.

thanks alot

morinda lucida is also called brimestone tree
jatropha curcas is also known as purging tree
astonia boonie is commonly called stool wood.

Thank you.