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I am introducing to you,100% herbal remedy from millions of such in my African herbal medicine archive inherited from my father.I bet you,you won't regeret hanging out with me on this platform.I had introduced myself in my introductory post.
So,from my practical experience,I shall be serving you with remedies that are cheap and very potent to make you a healthy man.Alas!You are not sending money to me....Just get the ingredients do it at home and be happy for steemit for giving us the platform to hangout here and talk herbs
Respiratory disease is a medical language referring to conditions that has to do with with pathological situations affecting organs and tissues.It involves organs and tissues that allows gas exchange in higher organism.It includes condition of upper respiratory tract like bronchi,alveoli,trachea,pleural and pleural cavity and so on.
Respiratory diseases range from common cold,bacterial pneumonia,pulmonary embolism.acute asthma.
My dear,forget the condition your pulmonogist might have presented to you about your condition.There is always herbs and root to tackle every ailment just like that.Take my solution and witness from this wonders of our time.I want you to be herbwise,get your neck off the noose of our medical practitioner.Hold on for tablets and surgery for can do better at no cost. Just get some cheap ingredients and get them cooked serve with honey and become, 'herbwise'.Medical doctors in the hospitals wil only manage this conditions for you...they can not heal you...

  1. Get the root of cocos nucifera(coconut),cut inot pieces
    2.Get the root of carica papaya(pawpaw) cut into pieces.
    3.Measure the two roots to be equal in size.
    4.Add 7 bulbs of garlic.
    5.Add water and boil for 30 minutes
    6.Sieve it and get the water..
    7.Add honey to the sieved solution.
    8.Take half a glass cup thrice a day.
    When you take this for any of your respiratory diseases,you shall be happy and thank steemit for giving us the opportunity to showcase some African rich herbs that are potent to give lasting panacea to some health issues...
    Next....i shall be talking on diabetes,Ulcer,insomnia,infertility,menorrahgia,stroke,poor libido,cough and lots more.
    Catch ya steemians.
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I love learning more herbal remedies, thanks for posting your knowledge!

thanks,we shall have a swell time.there are lots to be discused

I appreciate your telling us what recipe to use for what, but could you also tell use where (presumably online) we can find the ingredients? I live in Virgina, USA and have no idea where to find coconut root, and I don't even know what a pawpaw is, much less where to find its root.

Also, if you suggest multiple sources could you rank them from your most favored to least favored on quality of product irrespective of price, please?

for real,i dont have an onine source to get the roots.i am in africa and get it from our rich forest at a very easy condition dont mind to send you some

Thank you for your offer. You should set up a small website and start a business supplying what is needed for your remedies for those of us who are too urban or too stupid to get them for ourselves.

Of course that would probably get you in trouble for sending such things internationally -- too many governments want to controll too much.

my dear friend,i would send the roots to you via postal service.I do send finished remedies to africans via courier in the states and,i no how to go about it.its itch free

I might be interested in getting some remedies from you. How would I arrange to pay you? You mention the delivery by courier, and I suppose that is not free so you must have some mechanism for getting paid. If you use something like PayPal you probably should set up a website to market your remedies unless you don't want to cope with that much business and hassel.

If you are interested I could try to help you.

If it is possible and easy for you, could you discuss congestive heart failure as your next remedy? It might be useful for my wife. She is on many medicines from the doctor, and I don't believe they are helping her much.

i shall look into that.......and get in touch with you

Thank you.

Paypal payment is unavailable here in Nigeria for now,but very soon I will upload my updated website for my services. Due to government policies here in Nigeria that made international transactions almost impossible through website, I resolved to sending my products through courier services to my clients who are Africans in the States and their own friends who are Americans. and to some other parts of the world. I am giving your advice a nod. Really working on the website as advised by others too.

You might consider making one or more of your friends in the States your partner(s) and let them operate your website, collect the money and wire it to you together with the appropriate information and you could send the products to the customers. Or you could bulk ship to your partner(s) and let them ship the product to their customers.

Anyway it sounds like you are moving forward. I hope it goes well with you.

thank you so much have presented another good option here again.I shall look into it and go for the easier one, thanks alot.I do appreciate your concern and advise.Its helpful