The reasons why cold water is harmful to health ...!

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We know it's summer and it's hot, but again this season we should take care of our health. Cold water really tastes so much in this period, but it also damages our health. Below we will list some of the reasons why we should not consume cold water in the summer. It is difficult to avoid cold drinks, but we must do it for our good.

  1. When we drink cold water, we slow down the circulation of the cervix across the digestive tract, as it is known that in the cold environment, the blood vessels are narrowed down, so do what is known as vasoconstriction.

  2. The foods we consume while we drink cold water do not serve us as a source of energy. Rather, the energy we provide from them does not go to cope with our daily activity, but to regulate our internal temperature.

  3. Cold water reduces the amount of mucus secreted along the digestive tract, enabling the immune system to weaken and lighter contact with bacterial or viral infections in the gastrointestinal tract.

  4. The foods you consume while drinking cold water are metabolized slower in the body. This metabolic slowdown can easily lead you to your weight gain.

  5. Slight decrease in body temperature. The purpose for us to consume cold water in the summer, we achieve the best, but the collapse of our body temperature leads us very easily at the expense of our internal energies, which we can use for our daily activities.

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wow awesome concept sir..thanks for share..


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