Day 10 Slimming challenge- Rest day/activities/workouts

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Yaaay! I had full 8h sleep🎉🎈🎊🎉😁
Finally! After 5 days!
I felt tired and fatigued but I did expect that to be honest! I feel in better mood and it was much easier to tell if I am really hungry or just need a glass of water😉

I decided to rest one more day and go back to gym tomorrow, hoping to keep getting 8h sleep from now on regularly.
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Today I remembered my beginner times from over 10years ago. I would do a lot cardio, no weight lifting and rest days would be totally tv time all day!
I worked in the office which made me sedentary for all 10 years!
Back then I tried to do 3 high intensity workouts in a week , like interval training to compensate that “sloth moving” lifestyle😁

I had mentality of “fat burning workouts” and work out only so I can eat more🤦‍♀️

I looked for all kinds of “fat loss workout” on you tube and I could never do them regularly because i hated the feeling of tiredness for next 2 days!

👉I wish someone tell me back then that there isn’t any fat loss workouts!

👉We lose weight because of calorie deficit!

👉Workouts need to be enjoyable to keep coming back for more!

Now 10years wiser😉
Simplicity is the key for me!

Rather than doing high intensity workouts for 40min ,I increased my non exercise activities every day, for example: Gardening, cleaning house, playing hide and seek with kids, walking😁

Low intensity movements are not exhausting for me and this is why I love to do them every day. I can’t stop even on my rest days!

How about you? How is your training and recovery going?

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That meme is really funny. You are right about work out being more enjoyable. I feel that when you enjoy the workout it doesn't feel bad and I look forward to my next session.

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Yes! Absolutely! It’s nice to have a freedom
Of choice too😁 and go gym whenever your body craves that movement.

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