What is skin wart? what causes warts? what are the different types of warts present on human skin??

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Basically, the wart is a Skin growth, a hard and thick layer on skin areas. Skin Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The virus causes the skin to rapidly develop a thick layer resulting to form different types of warts.

Skin warts can appear single, in the group as well as in big clusters.

Skin Warts are contagious. Yes, it can transmit from one person to another very easily in favorable condition.Indirect or direct contact with HPV causes to form warts, which is contagious. HPV can spread by person-to-person contact or by direct contact with an object used by a person with warts. The virus that causes warts also can spread to other areas on the body of the person with warts.

That is why skin warts grow anywhere around the human body. But hands, fingers, face, feet, toes are the most common part of getting skin warts.Sometimes they appear on all over the body of a person.

Skin Warts can be of any sizes and tends to grow bigger with time.

How harmful are these different types of skin warts?

The most common warts are physically harmless and disappear with time. But in some cases, they don’t and grow bigger and bigger. Then it might be the problem now.

Though skin warts don’t harm your health, warts on your faces, hands and other exposed parts of your body can be embarrassing, irritating, depressing and ugly. Consequently, They can affect your personal, professional and social life.

Off course they don’t look beautiful and may harm your self-confidence and mental health.

Sometimes they can be painful. Mostly Warts on the sole of your feet are painful on a bit more pressure and wearing shoes.

Although anyone can get warts at any time in their life. But still, children teens and persons with the weak immune system is at very high risk of getting skin warts.

There are different types of warts that grow on the human body. Therefore, based on where they grow, warts are divided as;

1. Common Skin warts:

They are hard, gray-brown colored dome-shaped warts. Mostly they appear on hands. They are the most common warts among different types of skin warts.

2. Flat Skin Warts:

They are smooth, flat-topped, mostly found on arms legs and face. Generally, they are smaller in size and mostly occurs in teens and children.

3. Plantar Skin Warts:

Plantar warts grow on the sole of your feet. They are thick and hard. This types of warts also have small brown lumps like structures on their top formed with clotted blood vessels.

4. Filiform Skin warts:

Filiform warts grow on the face, generally around nose, chin, and mouth.

5. Periungual Skin warts:

These types of warts grow on and around fingernails and toenails.

6. Genital Skin warts:

Genital warts appear on and around genital areas. Mostly they appear on a cluster of 3 or 4 with cauliflower structure. Like others, these types of warts are also harmless but some form of genital warts may lead to cancer.



So getting rid of them in time is the best solution. And since they can transmit from one skin area to another skin area one should be very careful and try not to touch or contact other parts of your body with the infected area.

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