Carnivore Diets Gaining Popularity

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In todays society where we use anything and everything for pleasure. Food has become an idol and worshipers will continue flock to their God Mc Flurry and Co. As people are becoming more Woke and staring to educate themselves about nutrition. We see new and exciting trends developing. Are we staring to see the light and see through the mist of the establishment that has blinded us so long?


Huge growing interest in search results.

The carnivore diet is extreme, and it can be summed up as only eating meat and eggs easy and simple. In my opinion It has gained popularity, because of the increasing popularity of fitness sports like crossfit and lifting weights in general becomimg more popular. And some what of a rejection of mainstream thought. Popular personalities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jordan Peterson's daughter promoting it. She eliminated all her ailments by getting rid of any and all fruits and veg including grains.

Is this a huge fad?

I honestly can't see any connection between the two. People have been living this way for thousands of years. The Khoi San of South-Africa has been hunter gatherers for many thousands of years and had to go without plant based sources for long seasons. But meat is prevalent through the year.

The Inuit of Alaska can grow anything because they life in an ice wasteland. And lives of cured meats and fats.

Only recently have we figured out packaging and preserving foods filled with sugars. The western diet is horribly wrong and we should not listen to centralized authorities about diet plans like the food pyramid's or plates. They all rely on each other for their massive circle jerk to work. Food industry makes and keeps us sick. And Big Pharma laughs all the way to the bank.

A lifestyle like this is hard and most of us would never be able to sacrifice that much. our society has become extremely soft and unmotivated.

Why do it anyway, we will all die after all? The one thing that always stays with me is how uncomfortable it will be to be sick and miserable when that time comes and fill the pockets of richer men that don't need anymore. I want to do the most I can to assure that I am physically as comfortable as possible. And there are many other things that influence this in old age. Namely sleep, exercise, relationships and nutrition. Some of these I would argue are all in your hands.

Relationships can be a challenge sometimes especially if you are like me and think other people are not that great. There is a philosopher whose name I can not remember who use to say: Hell is found in other people. And I find that quote quite amusing.

Research alternatives to the vegan fad sweeping the world and blogging universe. Be counter culture or not part of the herd. And join the carnivore side and eat the herd.

Have a wonderful day. And keep on Steeming!

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