Vegetables and Fruits from Store? Get Rid of Pesticides Easily.

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Get rid of pesticides

Sometimes it is just an only option how to get some greens into your diet to buy from store.
Not all of us are lucky enough to have an access to organic farmer who do not use chemicals during the production, nor have own production.
In that case, all of us are used to wash the greens under water. Unfortunately, this will not help us to get rid of the pesticides and preserving solutions.

Healthy diet consists of a big portion of vegetables and fruits - but the pesticide residues make our efforts at least "less" effective. Even worse is it for kids - In developing children, pesticide exposure contributes to neurological problems, which impair learning, memory and attention. Nothing you would like to provide to your child.

While some of the fruits and vegetables are not considered to be so much contamined, some of them are considered to be top 12 dirty ones. In this case, it is really a best practice to get rid of the pesticides.

Of course, you can take of the peel sometimes...but on the other hand, the peel itself includes most important vitamines as it is in the direct contact with sun. So peeling is actually not the best practice.

So.. how to get rid of the pesticides and other artificial substances?

What you will need?
Nothing special!

  • 1/4 cup of vinegar
  • 2 spoons of sea salt
  • water

How to

  • Mix the substances in the cup
  • Add it to a bowl with cold water where you will keep the greens for 20 minutes
  • The vinegar will give it a natural preservation as well

As an alternative, you can also use lemon juice, but the preservation effect will not work as well as with a vinegar.

Enjoy your truly healthy greens!

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