Replace Your Hazardous Household Cleaners & Pest Repellant with DIY Recipes

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For those of you that have been following me knows that I love being outdoors.

Every time I walk or swim in these beautiful streams I appreciate how beautiful Mother Nature is.
clean river in Oregon.jpg

It has been a growing concern of mine how some of these waterways gradually get polluted because of what we are dumping into our sewers. Eventually what we dump will drain into our natural waterways like rivers.

Many of the cleaning agents for our house is loaded with toxic chemicals that is bad for us, our pets and the environment especially when it gets flush down the toilet or dumped in our sink. Have you ever READ the ingredients on the back of your cleaning bottle like Windex or your dishwasher soap?!?!?!

I have found this chart from very useful in creating DIY Non-toxic Cleaning and Pest Solutions that is also very cheap and effective. I want to share these DIY recipes to ALL you Steemians!

You can also download it from their website. - Less Toxic Alternatives.pdf

Non-Toxic Alternatives.jpg

I am going to give you a little warning. Don't use full strength vinegar (10%) undiluted in an enclosed room with plants. The non-toxic fume of vinegar will suffocate the plant of carbon dioxide (plant food) and kill the plants or at least make it wilt.

Be responsible so that the our natural resources can be saved for the future generations.

Please share with others or your MAID!

Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator door!!

Here is a Spanish version to share with your Spanish friends
Non-Toxic Alternatives -Spanish.jpgThe last thing we want to see is this....
polluted water.jpg

or this....
dead fish.jpg


Good that you pay attention to this. I have been active on Steemit since a week and would also like to contribute to a more sustainable world with my blogs.

very TRUE!!! Must be added as well that OIL spoiled in the water is very harmful for the fish! I always use natural products for cleaning and for myself - vinegar, backing soda, soap nuts. I make my own cosmetics also because I love myself and the nature as equal :)

Great post!

I actually make my own soaps with a version that can break down any grease including thick car grease. It helps break it down so it is safer for the environment.

However for small light oil grease including cooking oil you can use Dr. Bronner's Soap.

For personal use, Dr. Bronner's Soap is very drying. Not something I recommend unless you know how to dilute it.

I will make a post on Dr. Bronner's Soap one day when I get a chance.

Thank you for sharing this information. We are cutting out all chemicals in everything we use on the homestead. Just a few remaining items and we are chemical free!

Smart Choice!
I am trying to do the same but in the city....what a challenge!

Great post @greenbeans, I done one recently with a similar theme, it is a message that needs to keep on being told.resteemed

Hi @greebeans Thank you for sharing this amazing and much needed post.
Also. Thank you so much for what you sent me. =)

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Nice post.

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