Safety and warm-up for kids during exercise

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Today we will learn more about how to control our bodies through balance, movement, twisting and lifting games. In other words, we will get our bodies to rotate, balance, locomote and elevate. We will learn how to move our bodies in a safe manner, making sure we keep ourselves and others free of injury.

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First aid - exercise with care:

A very important part of first aid is to prevent injury. This means stopping injury from happening. You need to check the exercise area for hazards and you need to warm up your body before exercise to prevent pulling muscles or tearing ligaments.

Warm up:

You should have previously learned about how important it is to warm up before exercise. You may think warming up is boring and slow, but it is very important to avoid injury.

As a child, your muscles are naturally more flexible so your chances of pulling a muscle at the age of 10 or 11 are lower than an adult's. But, it is only true if you are active. If you sit and watch more than take part, you run the risk of injury.

Activity 1: Warm up

A warm up prepares your muscles for exercise and helps prevent injuries. Do not rush your warm-up but set aside 10 minutes to do this. Hold all of your stretches for a minimum of 16 seconds.

Start with two minutes of jogging and then move onto stretching. Start stretching from the top of your body - your head - and move down slowly, one exercise at a time, until you get to the bottom - your feet. This helps you remember to stretch every part of your body.

  1. Jog around the field (no cutting corners!). Remember to use your arms, keep your back straight and count your breaths in and out to get a steady breathing rhythm.
  2. After running for two minutes, form a circle and make sure you have enough space to do the muscle stretches.

Upper body

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  1. Neck stretch. Drop your head over to the left-hand side and hold for 16 seconds. Do not lift you shoulder - keep it parallel to the ground. Repeat to the right-hand side.
  2. Roll your head forward in a half circle from left to right. Do not complete a full circle by taking your head to the back. This is not good for your spinal column!
  3. Turn your head to the left, aiming to get your chin directly over you shoulder. Hold for 16 seconds. Repeat on the right-hand side.
  4. Roll your shoulders. This stretch is good if you have been sitting at a desk all morning. Go both forwards and backwards, both for 16 seconds.

Middle body

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  1. Lateral stretch. Stand with your feet apart, and stretch up high with your left hand. Drop your right hand down towards the ground. Do not bend forward or back - keep your body in a straight line. Feel a stretch running down your side. Repeat on the right-hand side.
  2. Rotate your hips. Place your hands on your hips and make big circles with your pelvis. Feel your back getting longer and your stomach muscles stretching. Do 16 full rotations.

Lower body

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  1. Quad stretch. Stand with your right foot on the ground and hold the left foot in your right hand, behind your back. Pull your leg towards your left buttock. Keep your knee facing the ground - do not pull it out at an angle. To keep your balance, stare at a fixed spot on the ground. Hold for 16 seconds. Repeat with the right leg.
  2. Gleut, calf and Achilles' tendon stretch. Stand up tall, then cross your right leg over the left leg. Take a deep breath, reach up to the shy and then stretch down towards the ground. Try to hook your index finger around your big toe or in your laces. Keep your legs straight - try not to bend your knees! Hold for 16 seconds. Repeat on the right-hand side.
  3. Inner thigh stretch. Sit on the ground, bring your feet together and pull them close to your hips. Be careful not to strain yourself - keep comfortable. Now, keep your back straight, walk you hands out on the ground as far as you can go. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat.
  4. Lie on your back, put both feet in the air and rotate your ankles. Go both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Ankle stretches are very important as twisted ankles happen if the ankle joints are not stretched properly.

Safety measures:

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Safety during exercise is VERY important. Remember, this is like the pilot checking the route before take-off. You need to keep yourself, your teacher and your classmates safe and injury-free. Follow these few simple rules every time you exercise:

  1. Check that the exercise area is free of dangerous hazards. Hazards include nails, broken bottles, barbed wire, stones, mole hills, ditches, cars and windows. Keep FAR AWAY from these dangerous things at all times.
  2. Listen very carefully to your teacher at all times. It is their job to give you clear instructions and to warn you of hazards. Freeze immediately if you hear their whistle blow.
  3. Make sure you warm up properly and slowly.
  4. Tell your teachers of injuries before you start. Ask them to repeat something if you do not understand.
  5. Drink enough water and carry a bottle if it is hot. Wear sunscreen or a hat even if it is cloudy.
  6. Do not do something you feel unsure about. Ask an adult to come and help you before you take any risks.
  7. Use your space smartly. The closer you are to someone the more likely you will crash into each other. Find a clear space and look where you are going.
  8. Never use equipment that is broken. If it is slightly damaged, take it to your teacher.

Activity 2: Participation

You are now going to assess your fitness and flexibility. How fit or unfit have you become during the time that has passed or perhaps it was holidays and you did not do much.
Hopefully you spent more time increasing your heart rate than sitting down?

  • Divide into pairs.
  • Do the exercises below and complete the table. Use a stopwatch to time each other.
  • Add any other exercises that you think can measure flexibility and athletic fitness.

Stretches (Flexibility)

Athletics (Cardio-fitness)

Activity 3: Participation

  1. Look at the two tables you and your partner completed.
  2. Help each other decide what you can improve on. These could be "I want to be able to run four laps around the field without stopping by the end of this term" or "I want to enjoy PE more". How about "I want to learn more about getting fit and keeping my fitness the term"? Or you may just want to remember your PE togs every lesson or be a better sportsperson.
  3. Write your goals down and keep them somewhere to remind yourself of them.

Activity 4: Cool down

Skip around the field twice, lifting your knees high and using your arms to move your body forwards. Then lie on the ground and stretch your body, making it as long as you can. Imagine you are being pulled by a rope around your ankles and wrists.

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Proceed to shake your body like a jellyfish. Wiggle, wobble and jiggle, shaking your feet and hands, arms and legs, fingers and toes.

Now you are ready to go back to class.

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Excellent information @ghostgtr.
Very good teaching in the right way as we must exercise our children avoiding injuries and always safeguarding your physical integrity.
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Venezuela.

I love how you emphasized on warm up here! Great stuffs!

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