Top 10 Benefits of Juicing For Better Health!

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Juicing is great to include in your day-to-day routines to reach that next level of health and wellbeing. When you extract the juice from raw fruits and vegetables, you give yourself a liquid gift of nutritious deliciousness.

About a year ago I was working as a volunteer at a juice-fasting retreat. I could observe the fantastic benefits the clients got after dedicating their time to a solid-food vacation. The great thing about juice-fasting is that it gives the digestive system a break at the same time as you can be active and have enough energy to do what you want. That is the main difference, compared to water-fasts where you can't be as active as before. 

Juice fasts are completely safe for most people, (always do your own research or ask your doctor)  I've personally done two fasts; one for ten days and another one for nineteen days. Nevertheless, juices shouldn't only be applied by themselves in longer juice-fasts, include them in your daily life to improve the state of your health and wellbeing. Here are some benefits of drinking the liquids of fruits and vegetables. 

Top Ten Benefits of Juicing 

1) Give your digestive system a well-deserved break 

We don't only gain energy from the foods we eat. First, the food is needed to be digested and depending on the types of food this can take everything from 30 minutes which is typical for fruits and up to 2 hours for beans and lentils. Red meat take's the longest and can take up to 5 hours of digestion time. Most people eat three to four meals a day. The process of digesting food is the most energy consuming activity of our body. Every time we drink juice instead of having a solid-meal we give the body a well-deserved break from using most of its energy reserves on breaking down food, alternatively, this energy can be used for healing, and improve your health and maybe you'll experience a long-needed energy bost too! 

2)  A nutritious choice 

The best nutritional aid there is. If you ever feel you lack specific nutrients or just healthy foods in general. Incorporate around a liter of juice every day and receive more vitamins and minerals on a refreshing, consisting basis. 

3) Hydration 

70% of our body is liquid water. One of the surest signs of health and vitality is to be well hydrated. This can be ensured by eating water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. When you juice those foods instead you're giving your body even higher degrees of hydration which is supportive of your overall health. 

4) Mental and emotional clarity 

When you give your body one of the best sources of nutrition and hydration your machinery will start improving, another important factor is that positive mental and emotional states are linked to having a healthy gut. Juice supports the gut, and as your body becomes happier, you'll feel lighter and brighter and gain greater mental clarity. 

5) Energy boost! 

Instead of drinking sodas, energy drinks, and coffee - next time when you feel the need for an energy boost try juice instead. It has no caffeine or empty calories, only good stuff is what you get! 

6) Detox and weight loss 

When you do longer juice-fasts, the body uses all of its excess energy to support detox as a means of gaining stronger health, eliminating acids and toxins in your body. Juice is the perfect detoxifying agent; It's an enjoyable way to do a little inside-cleaning. Juicing is also great for losing excessive weight without feeling depleted of nourishment and energy. 

7) Breaking habits and addictive patterns 

Most of us have addictive or detrimental food habits we might want to change. Replace whatever your pattern is with drinking juice instead. By drinking juice you only give the body what it truly wants, no stimulative, unhealthy or addictive substances enter your system. A liquid fast can be a beneficial way to act on a change you want to make. Maybe you want to stop consuming certain products, stimulants, smoking, whatever it is; consider doing a juice fast to break the cyclic pattern. 

"When we deprive ourselves of all the things that stimulate us we get rid of the things that control us." 

8) Learn something new 

As humans, we're very comfortable in our comfortzone (obviously) We're habitual animals in many ways and quickly end up in the same routines, and this can be easily noticed regarding our food choices. Change it up! Try something new that can do wonders for your health! Whatever you read about drinking juice or doing a juice fast is never the real deal. See for yourself if there's any value in it for you, you are the authority. 

9) Better sleep 

Our general health is immensely affected by our digestive system and the food we eat. A benefit you can reap from juicing is better sleep. Avoid late meals and instead drink juice the hours before bed, This will make sure you have a stable digestive system while you sleep, improving the body and your mind to rest more fully into sleep. 

10) Fresh, tasty and immensly satisfying! 

Don't forget that juicing is very satisfying not only for the body but it's also very refreshing and tasty to drink. There are endless amounts of juice-recipes - discover your favorite! 

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Truly grateful for any support, stay healthy and be well! 

Get your juice on! 



I've done a few day-long juice fasts, and feel like it is a great option for me as I have a hard time slowing down to do a full water-only fast! I like doing them between seasons for a re-set. It is especially nice to do before summer when I start eating more fresh and raw foods.

Yeah! it's great to do a few days or more few times a year. I started one today :)

Wonderful article about the benefits from including juices in your diet. Really inspiring! I think it has great values when we press our own juice, instead if buying juices that are not fresh anymore. Do you have good juicer?❤❤❤

Yes, I have a slow juicer:) made 2 liters of juice today :)

Wow that sounds great! How much juice do you make everyday for yourself? Do you eat nuts or vegetables or only fruits? So exciting to know more about your lifestyle!🙌❤

Juicing and and fasting is such a great way to cleanse your body.
As you said your body will have the change to heal and to repair cells instead of creating new.
It's just like fixing the things you have instead of throwing them away and buy new ones.

What kind of juicer do you use?
We have one that separates the flesh from the juice and I don't think it's the best kind.
I would love to read a tutorial from you where you includes what to think about. What kind of juicer is the best.
When do you use a mixer and when should you use a juicer and so on :D

I've always thought that juicing is not something for me but now when I'm in a hot country I really feel that I could do some juicing =)

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