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RE: Diabetes Awareness Month: Who is at Risk?

in #health7 months ago

I remember as a kid the teenage son of one of my parents' best friends was in the hospital with, as my mother called it, "sugar diabetes." I remember asking what "sugar diabetes" was and they said it was from eating too much sugar.

I remember the only thing I thought about after that, was that it was such an awful thing, that sugar could be bad for us.


Hi @free-reign. I was tempted to lol, because I too can remember my parents describing Diabetes as "sugar diabetes." And that you got it from eating too much sugar. So the only way I thought you could get it was to take some sugar out of the sugar jar and put it in your mouth.

Yes, people didn't know the devastating effects of processed sugar back then, along with other processed foods and veggies.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my post. Appreciate it. Take care.