I Quit Stress!

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That's it! I'm done, it's over. This relationship wasn't built to last.

For a while, I thought it was ok to have you over. I was able to cope. I was still able to smile.

You visited from time to time, you didn't stay long and that was fine. I breathed your air for a short duration.

But then after a few years into our relationship, you started to overstay your visits. You air smelled bad, you gave me headaches. Yet I was still able to stretch you out.

Then came the time where you brought your friends. Fatigue, Worry and Irate.

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As I tried to have the strength to fight you, you would sneak in your back up friends. One at a time. First was Fatigue. He was strong. He was annoying.

He took every ounce I had when I tried fighting back. Everyday you brought him in, I became less and less capable.

Then as though you wanted to show victory and press down on me so that I don't get back up you brought in Worry. She was almost just as nasty.

She would sneak up into my thoughts, have me worry that I'm doing everything wrong. And when I had a purpose, she took over and took it away. I had a new job then. I had to worry about everything! Even the dishes needing to be done on a timely fashion.

But what Worry had in her that came to a surprise, she had a nickname, Lowly. It was like, all Worry had to do was change her clothes and put on makeup and then Lowly would come out of the closet. Lowly is quite gifted. She is really good at what she does. No wonder you hold her hand sometimes.

After having me worry about everything, she would make me feel bad about what I couldn't get done. The more this happened the worse I felt.

You guys worked as a team! You were fierce together! Stress made me Worry, Worry made me Lowly, Lowly made me Stress, Worry made me Stress. You were the head of the team!

I spiraled down fast because of you and your team. You all created something worse than I could ever handle!

A football team was created, like babies burping up from purgatory. Ugly, pained and unwanted.

They started spearing through my body. Pain shot through different areas of my body creating pressure and tension headaches. Soreness in my neck back and feet. Creating a whole new world of fatigue. Not just a mind fatigue but a body fatigue hitting me like tidal waves from the ocean.

From the right, Loss dove in. I ate less, did less. It paired up with Weight. I gained without seeing. I used to see myself as thin and sometimes I still do, but when I look in the mirror it is almost as if I am being lied to, that the image in front of me is someone else appearing through an alternate universe. Loss had erased many things. It removed Desire from my every being, resulting of only being a shadow of my former self.

Forget soared through my mind like the blazing phoenix. Made me feel like I was losing my mind! I guess Loss pairs up with him as well. I even forgot about myself.

Overwhelm shot at my shoulders. Like a jackhammer pounding me into my shoulders. My back no longer holding straight, I became slouched and weak.

It was all like tornado, a whirlwind inside my head and body, exiting myself creating a shield just outside my skin, an armor repelling as Frustration took over.

No more was I able to enjoy the small things in life because of you. Your long visits resulted in you moving in. Your team moved in with you.

This lasted quite some time. I forget how long even.

But I think you have one in your team that is a little sly because you have forgotten something that I have.

I have heart and spirit.

You may have taken over my mind and pained my heart, but this muscle, even though it has been dormant, it woke up. It is now my back up and my spirit is my guide. That is the one thing you don't have, Stress. And for that I pity you.

Heart raised me up from the dirt. Spirit held my hand as I stood up. With this I regained consciousness. I became aware that I am strong, not just strong enough but strong all around. That I can stand up straight and act for myself.

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I am just as important as anyone and everyone else and so it is time to crush you.

Im' quitting, Stress, and it's about time. I've tolerated you long enough and it is time for you to go. Grab your baggage, your friends and your football team and leave for good.

I'm dropping it all and removing all the bad things that opens the door for you. Boundaries is now in my playing field. He acts as my wall of defense.

Self Worth now stands tall for me and she has the game plan laid out for me, being the first in line and unbreakable.

Heart stays inside of me yet beams all around me. She split herself in two, now being man and women. Strong like a man, loving like a women, they are an unbeatable force for myself.

Spirit is in the sky. Watching for what is ahead as it heals me from what is now behind me. Being able to guide me using an invisible field, using the help from my other spiritual guides, my path is now clear and moving forward.

But I must thank you, Stress. You showed me where I can be weak. You showed me what I don't want and what cannot be accepted.

Thus, I must offer you a parting gift that shows my utmost gratitude: I shake your hand and look past this phase and my gift?


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And now, I'm done with you. I quit Stress.


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I will join your team of mma fighters and I like our odds of winning because we never quit.

Stress is a choice if you think about it and we chose life!

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Damn right! Welcome aboard! Let's be done with that negative crap and enjoy the life and all its wonderful things! :D

Wow, this is one of the most powerful pieces I've read for a while. Mental health should not be a topic that hides away, it's as important as physical health (if not more) - thank you for taking us on a motivating journey - F U Stress :)

I agree with you 100%

Thank you for reading, and supporting me. I felt a huge release as I was writing it. It did me some good :)

Now on a journey of being Stress free, I too say F U to Stress :P And hello beautiful life!

FU stress. That felt good 😀😀

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Damn right it does :D Do it again! :P

The evolution of a relationship until the final stage!

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Stress is an aweful relationship. And it had to end. ;)

I agree with you in that one. ;)

That was something beyond Beautiful!!!
It felt real and it did elaborated whole phase, I had to atleast read it thrice.

Oh man! Thank you so much! It just kind of flowed out of me naturally. It felt good to right this. Kind of like a certainty written in stone :) xxx

This is so delightful to read @foxyspirit!

I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you

Stress is really destroying the Life experience. I like your article and the way you are writing:)

Thank you. It does and takes away so much. And I definitely don't want it anymore.

How exactly all the senses are noticed. And stress really stands at the head of everything!

Absolutely. It is sneaky and powerful and can start a huge war!

Excellent writing!
Peace, Love, Gratitude

Thank you ^_^

Peace, Love, Gratitude are the roots! I wish them upon you as well!


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Thank you!! <3 Love this cake by the way. So pretty ;)

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Awesome 👏 I really enjoyed reading this, thank you 😊

Thank you :) I'm glad you did.

Excellent! 😍

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Thank you!!

This is so beautifully written.
You have a great talent in sharing such emotions.

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Thank you ^_^ It takes opening up and being honest with oneself :)

Wow @foxyspirit that is a very powerful and beautiful piece of writing. Masterful use of metaphors. Well, well done. I do hope that it is noticed by by @c-squared and/or @curie.

Thank you my friend! Writing it did me some good!

I am just grateful that I have been having these great replies. It feels nice that people have been so supportive and positive with this. ^_^ <3

This was an awesomely powerful statement, @foxyspirit! You rock, my dear lady!
foxyspirit and stress.gif

Thanks Traci!

Love the giphy. How did you know fire was my element? At least I think it is... Scorpio's are fire or water? Anyway. Fire is power. BOOM! Stress, you are out!

Stress will make you sick. Not worth it. :)

Exactly! And I don't have time to be sick. No one wants that :P

Great post @foxyspirit

I can be a bit tightly wound sometimes and I am susceptible to these unwelcome guests. And the scary thing is that these guys creep into your life without you realising.

It's not like you can say to yourself 'right!, I'm going to be Iceman today. Cool and calm' because you don't know it's coming and when it does come it's the man of many faces and you don't recognise him for shit! Before you know it you have bulging veins in your head and steam coming out of your ears.

I would love to quit stress and anxiety but they love me too much and I'm a sucker for sweet talk and chocolate! Lol. 😁

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You are absolutely right with all of what you are saying.

There will always be a window for stress, a small amount to large amounts, but the key is within yourself. What you allow to happen to yourself and what you don't allow.

That's a hard trick because life is stressful flat out. But to minimize it is to quit it. Refuse the elements that give you stress where you can. Stop it dead in its track. If someone wants to cause it, stop them before they create it. Tell them it's not your burden to take.

Tell it to the world that you don't want it, give it to the universe and find that positive, and the universe will deliver what you need. It could take a while but it works.

Another thing you can do.... This is what I have been taught to do by a First Nations healer. Tobacco and cedar. If you can come by the most natural tobacco (not cigarettes) and if not cedar is ok as well. Hold it in your hand tight, closed and hold it out like an offering. This part you can say it out loud or in your head, it doesn't matter, feel and say the items you no longer want. Put that energy into your offering, and once you are done, burn it. Give it back to the creator. It is a burden that is given to you, like an unwanted gift, so give it back and let the creator take care of it. Do this every time you feel overwhelmed with it and also every time you feel something else that's not wanted. Then feel that release. Next thing would also be smudging. Let me know if want to know about that one :)

Interesting stuff. Yeah, what's smudging?

Remind me to message you to tell you about it tomorrow ;)

You expressed and articulated them so well in this piece. I super duper enjoyed reading it. =)

Well done! 😘

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed reading it. It feels good to be rid of it too :)

Wow, this is amazing @foxyspirit. Such wisdom, words to be read many times and so true. Thank you

It is definitely a post I want to keep around incase it sneaks back in. A great reminder for the future. Thank you as well for your support!

Grab your baggage, your friends and your football team and leave for good.

Great line!

I love this. Personification. Excellent prose.

Thank you! And that is huge coming from you :D

Right on @foxyspirit! Great post and fantastic attitude.

Thanks! Gotta keep that attitude to keep moving forward and have an enjoyable life.

Stress kills, get rid of it @foxyspirit. 💕

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Bon voyage Stress! :D

❤️❤️ hugs @foxyspirit!

I have heart and spirit.

Perfect quote!

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Thanks and hugs to you as well! <3

Superbly executed..a good read👍

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Thank you very much :)


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Thank you and thank you for resteeming! <3

Wow. You described exactly how I feel at times in such a beautiful & eloquent way. It actually moved me to tears.

Ultimately, you did rise like the Phoenix & told Stress goodbye. I know I don't know you, but I am so proud of you. As a spiritual person who suffers from high anxiety at times I can relate. It is time we do take our power back! 🙌💖

Sending much #steem love & pixie dust 🤗🥰

Woah! Thank you so much! What an epic reply to receive :D

I am not sure if I should say sorry for having you shed tears or say thank you for connecting with me and feeling it as much as you did. And that right there means so much to me.

Thank you for being proud. As one person to the next, I think expressing this is a great thing and can do wonders for a person.

Anxiety is such a difficult battle field. Wish it never existed!

Much love and respect to you, much deserved and all the power to you!

I think we moved each other, which is a beautiful way to connect in this world. 💞 And thank you for the sweet reply. Don't apologize for my tears. It was a good thing. 😊

Have a blessed day - keep kicking Stress in the booty. 😉💗

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You too and wishing you a great week ahead as well!