Energy Balls and Best apple ever

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I know it might not look like much here on this picture but I swear to you...

Best apple ever...


There is a reason this was the most delicious apple ever though. Today we broke our fast after 8 days of Detox Fasting. The last eight days I ate no solid foods. I did not chew on anything for over a week.

So this morning the wife and I Broke the Fast (hence Breakfast by the way) and we both cut up an apple into 16ths
It smelled divine and with the first bite the juice exploding in my mouth is hard to describe.
The weird thing was, after 3/4 of that apple I had to put it down as I was full and my wife only reached half. We are going through the day with more water and tonight a potato soup still without salt.

We were told that we might feel weak during the next few days while the stomach and the colon got back to work so we could make small energy balls. I took the advice and cobbled some together and I can tell you those are really really really tasty.

And of course I will share the recipe with you all. They are really not all that hard to make

How to make energy balls: not as kinky as it sounds

  • 1/3 Dried fruit
  • 1/3 Nuts
  • 1/3 Nut flower

First you take the dried fruit and leave it in a bowl and put water to just about cover the fruit. These dried or dehydrated fruits suck up all the moisture in the next few hours or overnight is even better
For ours we used

  • apple
  • apricot
  • raisins
  • figs
  • dates

But if you like other dried fruit better than you use the ones that you prefer.

For the nuts I used walnut, hazelnut and almonds

Put the nuts and the fruits in a blender and mix till you get a nice thick liquidy paste
Then add the flower for which I used coconut flower but they recommended almond flower (just not wheat flower) and dive in with both hands and mold it till you get a slightly moist paste.

Those you roll into little balls and in the end you either coat them with coconut sprinkles or chocolate powder.

energy balls.jpg

If you have a similar recipe let me know, now that I have tried one of these I want to know if there are other varieties out there?

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Congratulations on getting through. It's actually quite an act of self-discipline coming out of a fast gradually, I remember cucumber being a most unappealing way of doing so in the past.

Apple and dried fruit balls look like a much better way.

BTW, you've basically just made nakd balls - if you want more recipes, just buy these as they have the ingredients in percentages - you can just replicate by weight. They turn out EXACTLY the same in taste (unsurprisingly), just not as good texture or visually.


never seen those nakd balls, must be a UK thing I guess...
and as long as they taste good, the texture is not so important really. And they are hand made if you do em yourself so no additives


Maybe they are just a British thing.

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It looks delicious 😋 mine are similar, I just add some chia and sunflower seeds and a little vanilla extract :) also awesome ;)


good tip, will keep that in mind for the next batch, especially the vanilla

Perfect! I like it! Recently I made balls called Rafaello :)


If I have to go for those I like the fererro rocher better :-P

Looks yummy 😋


yea they were and the feeling of chewing something after a week was amazing

This is the first time i will hear about this but it is always nice to discover new new things each day


thats one of the cool things about being a steemian.

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