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If there is a rumor in the heart, it is called a heart murar. This is the heart's blood flow. It is fast, soft and light, which will not wake your chest feeling. Actually, you can not feel it. The only way to identify the word is, stethoscope.
In your regular physical examination, a doctor can identify any of your heartbeat irregularities and evaluate it through echocardiogram or ultrasound of the heart.
Dr. Lampart said, "It is important to know that many patients do not experience the symptoms of heart marmara, or the increase in valv disease is so slow that it can not be noticed that the heart's harm and its symptoms can be noticed.
In this report, 7 silent signs of heart murarar were highlighted.

  • Breathing or chest pain
    If you have difficulty working or breathing normally, it may be a sign of heart marmalade associated with valvage. Valve stenosis is a narrow and narrow condition of the valve, which reduces the flow of blood or obstruct the flow of blood in the blood. Valve regurgitation is such a condition that when a valve does not completely stop and causes blood flow to the opposite side or back, it is also known as lucky valve.
    Cardinalologist Patrick Kollier of the Cleveland Clinic said, "The valve in the heart is the door that is designed in such a way that blood flow remains on one side. Sometimes these doors may not be properly closed or completely opened. '
  • Blood loss
    Iron deficiency or anemia can be worse than any symptoms. Blood loss means the lack of red blood cells in your body to provide adequate oxygen to all tissues in your body. If you are in other suburbs and know that you are anemic, then show a doctor who can diagnose heart problems.
  • Swelling
    There are many possible causes of abdominal bleeding, but it should be considered as a warning signal for swelling throughout the body. Dr. Lampart said, "Some people may get ankle, foot or stomach." The weak blood flow caused by the heart's ineffective valve may sometimes cause extra fluid accumulation, usually extrusion (arm or leg edge). The weak blood flow may also be a sign of closed arteries.
  • Thyroid problem
    Sometimes a heart murmur can be diagnosed with the problem of thyroid gland. Dr. Collier said, 'Overactive thyroid may cause uncontrolled blood flow to the heart.'
  • Pregnancy
    When you are pregnant, you may develop harmless heart beat due to increased blood volume of your body. If the doctor can not detect any other reason, then this heart may go away after pregnancy.
  • Infection
    Endocarditis is an infections of the inner heart and valve, which can lead to heart failure. It usually happens when the bacteria (usually the mouth) comes from the other parts of the body through the circulation of the heart. Adhere to good oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist to prevent periodontal infection.
  • Dizziness
    If you wake up fast, after a long unsteadiness or food or drink or drink, your headache may be related to heart marmara. Dr. Collier said, "Some people involved with severe valve problems may have a blackout episode or may lose consciousness for a short time."
  • Blue skin
    If you have any blue dye on your skin, especially about the lips and fingers, then go to the doctor. It can also indicate a heart problem.
  • Shortage of hunger
    Children who do not eat well or grow naturally, they may have different problems, such as the lack of growth hormone, but this problem can also be a sign of heart marmara. According to the Mayo Clinic, 'It can be harmless heart failure, which will go on in the course of time, but a doctor should evaluate any potentially congenital heart disease or heart rate.'

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