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Here is an informative video on pros and cons of drinking coffee. I for one drink too much coffee at two pots a day. I went off it for about 5 years but found my way back when I joined a Christian band years ago. Both my parents drank coffee. It is recommended for no more than 4 cups a day. This video, presented by Dr. Alan Mandell, D. C., goes into depth and I learned much from it. Hope you do too. Here is a note about it.

For a long time coffee was not considered a healthy drink. It has a history of being blamed for many diseases. Recent studies indicate that coffee may not be so bad after all. So which is it – good or bad for your health?

The video is just over 18 minutes but quite informative. Enjoy!

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Thanks for listening. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem. - Troy

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