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I went out for a walk on the city street of Davao. Staying away from people.

Today is the third day of Lockdown here in Davao City.
But I saw this man. He picks up rubbish on the street. I followed him and pretending not to watch him.

I wonder how this man survive in this time.
The street is quiet. Many small businesses were close.
I captured a video of him..

He passes the building condo where I live at this time.

He stop to drink the water on the free way provided by our building to clean our garbage area.

I forgot that I was holding a bread.. I could have given him my bread.

Now, I fell guilt did not pay attention.
I totally forget about the bread I was holding.

Now, I am sad..
I hope he is okay.. Please Lord, help him make his needs at this time of crisis.


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