New Study Suggests Sleep Deprivation Might Fuel Loneliness

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It's estimated that roughly half of all Americans feel lonely, according to a previous study that included survey responses from at least 20k participants.

Loneliness impacts the quality of life for many and a new study has found that sleep deprivation might be contributing to that overwhelming feeling of loneliness.

Not only might the sleep deprivation be fueling loneliness, but researchers from California also suggest that this sleep deprivation could be prompting those individuals to further isolate themselves from others. Researchers suggest that sleep-deprived individuals might not come across as appealing to others, at least not as appealing as the well-rested lot, and therefore it might further contribute to their isolation in a self-defeating cycle.

The less sleep that you're getting, the less that you might want to be socially active, and eventually such an individual might be seen as socially repulsive according to researchers.

The results from their study have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

And to assess loneliness and sleep deprivation they had used brain imaging along with surveys on loneliness.

For one portion of the study, the participants were assessed both after they had been well-rested and when they were sleep-deprived. The participants were asked to watch video clips of people walking towards them with neutral expressions and when they felt the person got too close to them they were instructed to then push a button that would stop the video.

Researchers discovered that when an individual was sleep-deprived that they would keep the person who was approaching them at a much greater distance away from them than they would when they had felt rested.

"We humans are a social species. Yet sleep deprivation can turn us into social lepers," - senior study author Matthew Walker

"It's perhaps no coincidence that the past few decades have seen a marked increase in loneliness and an equally dramatic decrease in sleep duration," - lead study author Eti Ben Simon

It's been recommended that for adults who are 18 years or older, who want to get enough sleep, that they get at least 7 hours of sleep or more every night. Researchers suggest that for some who might want to feel more socially confident and outgoing, that getting more sleep at night might be the best solution for them.

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The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I feel like lack of sleep screws with my emotions, everything begins to bother me that usually does not. lack of sleep always makes me feel like sh*t.

@doitvoluntarily Very accurate the report, a person who suffers from lack of sleep is usually aggressive and reclued in his bedroom, lack of sleep causes fatigue and discomfort.
Thank you very much for sharing this material
I wish you a beautiful day

good article friend, possibly this is happening to me, now I am alone because my daughter went to study in another state and it is not easy to fall asleep and when I can catch the dream I do not sleep more than four hours, in a day pass people bother me and I want this isolated, thanks for sharing this interesting post greetings

Sleep deprivation has been shown to be an stimulant of artistic capabilities but there always has been a bit of conjecture involved where sleep is concerned.
But this much is without a doubt clear that sleep deprivation decreases productivity and can be harmful in the long run. This new bit of research that you have mentioned here is pretty much in line with the previous ideas.

Even if we think logically, a sleep deprived brain would be struggling to keep with the very basic demands of our daily routine. I doubt it would be much interested in social niceties. This kind of situation couldn't possibly be good for our social lives.

Hello how are you? the lack of sleep puts me in a bad mood and when I feel sleepy I do not want to leave or share with anyone the only thing I want is to sleep
The article and the study carried out are very true, greetings from Venezuela

Coye is very true what you say, sometimes the dream is a complement that the body needs. it is a necessity.

I am feeling alone because the crypto market cheated me...

amigo gracias por la informacion,espero me visite,saludos desde margarita venezuela

This is a great study @doitvoluntarily ! sleep deprivation is the cause of many things, I can really see this happening. Staying up far too long blogging for example or playing games on line can really add to the lonliness feeling when you get used to socializing on line by yourself. Thanks for sharing, now get some rest my friend! lol! Im at work blogging and dont go home untill 630 am, then To bed to blog a bit before i go to sleep, its a vicious cycle!upped and resteemed😵 💕✌👍😀

Can confirm. But if you're really sleep deprived, loneliness is the least of your problems.

You have to prioritize your health more than anything and health doesn't come from external friendships. Be your own friend first instead.

It effects so many things.
Poor sleep is a key factor in spiralling depression too.
I find I really need to follow the sun down and honour the body at the end of the day. Like a gentle, loving wind down ritual to perform at my best.

Thanks for raising awareness!

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