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I just came across this wonderful piece in a whatsapp group and thought I should share it here. Who knows? It just might save someone. And it's really not hurtful sharing an important info as this. The info is simply about the potential of hot coconut water in the treatment of certain ailments like cancer and in general wellbeing.

Do you know that hot coconut water can help keep you healthy throughout a lifetime and is good in the treatment of cancer, tumor and cyst because of its alkaline properties?

  • Cut 2 to 3 thin coconut flakes into a cup. Add hot water to the flakes; it will become 'alkaline water'. Drink this daily. It is good for everyone whether or not you have an existing ailment.
  • Hot coconut juice has effects of cysts and tumor
  • Hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance which is the latest advance in the effective treatment of cancer in the medical field. It is said to be proven to remedy all types of cancer.

Hot coconut water destroys only malignant cells in the body without any harm to healthy cell.

Beside these, the polyphenol and amino acids in coconut help regulate high blood pressure, reduce blood clots, adjust blood circulation, and effectively help prevent deep vein thrombosis.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not 100% certain how accurate these claims are. But at this stage when an absolute cure is yet to be found for cancer, it is best anyone try any reasonable means to stub out the menace. Plus, these measures are very safe in my opinion as they do not require chemical/artificial substances.

I hope this helps someone.

Good luck and may God help us all.

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