Why iftera if you eat lemon juice?

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This can be a popular beverage that can be made easily by lemon juice. There is no alternative to the leftovers of the Iftar in Ramadan. After based upon throughout the day, a glass of cold lemon is very beneficial for the body. This fruit rich in Vitamin C, lemon is very effective in ice, colds, cough and cool problems.

Know some of the lemon juice -

Stop drinking water

A squeeze of lemon juice contains Vitamin B, Riboflavin, Calcium, Forropus, Magnesium and so on. After the fasting day, after the fasting of the body, Leibu Sharavat plays an efficient role in fulfilling it.

Digestion boosts energy-

Eating lemon drink with a glass of warm water increases digestive function. It is beneficial for many who have gas problems. Since, the lemon water can easily be removed from the body of the toxin contained in intestinal tract.

Disease prevention increases-

The lemon contains Nutritional C in the camp Scheduled to which the disease boosts the immunity.

Antiviral and Antibacterial-

These two attributes are in the citrus. As a result, you can drink lemon normal water to prevent infection with viruses and bacteria. Specifically if there may be flu, coughing and cough.

Provide energy

Lemon juice, instant energy increase. Daily lemon beverages the habit of having water and the will also be able to work.

Reduce weight-

Right now there is no comparison between lemon to reduce weight or fat. It works very quickly. Because hot water, honey mixed with lemon juice, it works better.

The mind will keep good-

The lemon includes highly potassium and magnesium (mg). That's not simply the head, but also helps keep the nerves fresh. Increases thinking.

Cancer preventative-

Anti-oxidants in lemons reduce the risk of various types of cancer. It also helps to clear bloodstream. And increases the flavor of the face.

Cleans away stools and protects the teeth from teeth-

The " lemon " contains calcium which is essential for the tooth. Besides, many people in the month of Ramadan may be bad smell. Lemon contains various other components, including Vitamin C, which reduces facial stench.