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... and pop them all around the house! Currently I have one near my bed for sleeps and relaxation, one at my desk for energy and focus, and two in the bathroom, you know, for bathroom smells....


I got everything from you guessed it... amazon. A set of 4 finger/jewelry bowls, real Himalayan pink salt rocks and a set of 6 essential oils. (I usually have oils on hand but was running dangerously low!)


This whole project with the oils, bowls and the 10 lbs of salt boulders cost me about half what an electric diffuser cost. My dudes, I'm just so damn sick of plastic. I knew there had to be a natural way to approach this...

This tutorial was originally made for the @mosaeek discord's #wellness channel! Come join us! :


Here are the essential oil combos I used in the form of a quick reference guide but feel free to come up with your own combos! You can tell I really like peppermint!

Until Next Time!
<3 Dayle!

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I'm going to see if this works with my smaller Himalayan Salt crystals that I use in the bath.

should do! the original video I saw on this used coarse-ground, and if you get tired of them you can always just chuck em in the bath too! <3

Thanks for this idea - and the essential oil combinations :) I'm going to check the Nada Zero Waste shop in town first, slightly more price-y than Amazon, but a small business and reflects the real costs.

That's awesome! I wish i had someplace like that locally where I am- let me know what combos you make @shanibeer ❤️

This may be a dumb question but Ive never used pink salt in that form before. Would you use one of those chunks per bath? Like You just thow this rock like thing in and it dissolves??? I guess the whole reason I am asking is because Ive touched it befor and it seems very hard. So I am wondering if one chunk is too much for the tub? Thanks !

uh i'm the WORST for not seeing this earlier- sorry girl! You know I've never used them this large in the bath before. I have to assume it would have to do with how hot the water is, and the size of the rock but I'll be happy to report back once I use it. I can't see it just dissolving right away, might be a multiple use thing <3

Ill let you know!

also so not a dumb question ❤️