The ever changing face of healthcare

in health •  7 months ago

I did my first live stream interview last night on Facebook discussing the different ways we can help ourselves be more healthy, not just in mind but in bodyband soul as well.
We are more than just our physical form that we walk around in. We are a consciousness, a soul, a light body.
One of the many ways we can return to a state of stasis is to do more than just make a few adjustments in our diet. We have to start making big adjustments in our mindset. There are so many ways that we can improve our overall state of being that can get us back to the healthful and peaceful place.
Let’s start by getting our priorities straight. What is important to our own wellbeing? Is it material objectives? Money? Power? Or could it be that these are just bandages covering up deeper wants and desires? Is it spiritual fulfillment and a desire to shed the need for material possessions?
We want lives filled with abundance, but in what form? What is our purpose in this life? What lessons are we in need of?
Once we know the real question we can begin to seek the answer.
Where does our bliss lie?
Let the journey begin....

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