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RE: Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

in #health2 years ago

This one is a good read. Been hearing a lot of benefits from cannabis being a healer of numerous ailments. And I wonder why is it still illegal in most countries including mine. A friend of mine who's still smoking it once told me that cigarettes killed a lot of people and yet it is legal, so as softdrinks with a lot sugar, but there are no records of a single person died because of too much consumption of cannabis, and yet it is illegal to use. Which also make me think.

And this information you shared make me more confused why is it illegal which it is the only cure for most ailments that hasn't been cured up to this date.

Thanks for your post by the way.


It is actually logical if you think it through :)

Since Cannabis Oil can solely cure over 200+ Diseases & that is just one use of it ;)

On the other hand, you can build Houses of it, make Clothes - even Bread, Pasta etc

Not to mention it is one of the fastest growing plants :D Imagine how many millions would certain Businesses lose? ;)

Btw smoking Cannabis should preferably be done with Vaporizer, since that way you can preserve CBD. If you are doing it Old-school way, it completely kills CBD & gives you basically NO THC at all

oh! so that's how it works. Never been smoked one though because I am afraid of being jailed. Lol!