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Change. The ever- accelerating workhorse of entropy. One of few consistent forces. What else are we certain of, other than the dynamic quality of the landscape of our lives? It can feel like an ocean riptide, a whitewater rapid with the power to drown. Or, it can be exhilarating. It can make us grip tightly to our present circumstances, or open our palms to let it all flow through. I watched a beautiful video called The Existential Bummer (

// for all those interested). In it, the filmmaker addresses this enigma so intrinsic to the human condition. We will say many goodbyes, and let go of nearly everyTHING we have. So, in response: do we grasp or do we release?

The Existential Bummer explores why beautiful things- falling in love, the Grand Canyon, Italian gelato- can make us feel sad. It is because of the inescapable truth of "transience". Our relationships evolve over time. Rivers create canyons. Plants decay and become fertilizer for the next generation. We don't get to keep any of it. It's not ours to keep.

I am currently in my twenties, and change is strutting itself in fine form. Decisions feel incredibly important, because everything I do pushes me towards one path and away from another. My friends have scattered to the winds since college graduation, each of us barreling along our uncharted life courses. I take very little for granted, because things change all the time. It scares me. It makes me fearful of investing in opportunities or people, lest they leave as quickly as they came. Sometimes I "adopt the Buddhist creed of no attachment" (Existential Bummer), and my soul sits on the sidelines of the dance of connection. Most of the time, however, I can't help but get up and groove.

The conclusion of The Existential Bummer is that we should not "accept the ephemeral nature of this moment". Everything will change- far more than we can predict. We will leave homes and jobs and people and the president will leave office and giant earthquakes will wreck havoc on beautiful places None of this should stop us from loving with reckless abandon. Invest in each moment with full presence, with full knowledge that it cannot// will not// should not last forever. We have no choice but to embrace the stunning chaos of entropy.

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Excellent narratives...great pics...Stark realities at its best... @danigirl do me a favor...take your beautiful self out and groove...life has no duplicate. Nice places...great photos...excellent post worthy of my follow & upvote


I so appreciate you, my friend. This comment made my morning! And very much agreed- this is all we have, so c'est la vie. carpe diem and all of that. I'm heading over to check out your work as well!


Wow ! si romantique
🌹😘 Thanks dear and keep steeming hot