Completed the 7 Day Water Fast (VIDEO)

in health •  last year


Click the above picture to view the video on DTube.


"Cleansing the body is likened to an oil change for a car."


I did not eat food for 7 days. I drank tons of water and drink a special drink 5 times a day. The drink was a mixture of freshly juiced apple juice, Psyllium seed husks, Bentonite Clay, Apple pectin, Ginger root. This is my 5th time doing an extended fast to cleanse my colon. The detox symptoms were much more mild this time around. The first time I did it a few years ago was pretty rough. This is the first step in a 21 day complete internal cleanse. You can find the kit that I use here :


I have chosen to keep this blog post short and concise, the video will explain a bit more of what I did. The link to the cleansing kit has tons of free information to give you an even deep understanding of what this is all about.


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Congrats on making it through all 7 days! Very cool to see how much energy you have and how good you are feeling afterwards.


I am super pumped about it. It always puts me in the best place afterwards. I love it.

WAH ! that's great dalton ! <3 and nice video , nice dolphins too hahha..

resteemed ! :)


Thank you so much @adelepazani.
It was a unique experience, but I will do it again in the future.