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Dear Diary: Today I Asked Mother To Fix Me Some Pickled White Fish Meat

in health •  3 months ago


Yummy As Hell

Another dish that i like eating are the flesh of a fish that is called a Pangasius and some do not know it but they often eat it at some fast foods when they order fried fish fillet. It is a kind of fish meat that is pleasant to eat because it has not unpleasant fishy taste.

As for me I liked it pickled raw and we just slice it into thin slices, add some vinegar, garlic, onion, ginger, and seasonings and it is done.

I also love to eat it with some rice. The texture is different I must say and is pleasant to chew along with the ginger and the onions. I have requested mother to fix me some because the raw anchovies are hard to come by, those fishes are just a bonus to fishermen who just catches other bigger fishes and if they would catch extra anchovies along with their regular catch they would sell both.


Bite Me

But today I had a good late lunch after eating some thick mungbean soup with bitter melon leaves and some dried shrimp to flavor it plus some smoked fish. I haven't had that dish for years and my mother had cooked it right, it was a fantastic dish to eat because of its nutritional value and great smoky flavor.

I don't think that I could eat anymore tonight because I am just full already. My dialysis is tomorrow late in the afternoon so it will be a long wait and it feels like forever really. May God always give me the strength to continually endure these things.

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the food is very tasty, hopefully it will be a healthy food, of course

It looks so delicious and yummy . I hope this food will be a healthy for your health .