Dear Diary: Time Flies So Fast When You Are Disabled

in health •  5 months ago


My Math Teacher told us when I was still in College that when you grow older that time flies so fast. Well he was right because I am experiencing it right now especially in this condition that I am stuck into because I was always waiting for things to clear up like for my joints to heal down.

So I am just waiting and waiting and for all you know I had spent a lot of time wasting it away like waiting for a bus that will never come. It is now just a battle for survival and everyday is a struggle to outlast the current day that I am living into.

It is just good that there is such a platform like steem where I can blog using steemit to make my days and hours more productive than other people, well for the majority of people in my country and I appreciate that because as of now I can support myself without the need from others, it is just a gift from God.

But it is hard though because I have to work and work everyday just to earn in steem and it is money that I could support my medical needs that are not cheap so I am just being so prolific in my writings in order to hopefully achieve some of my goals when crypto prices shoots up again and we certainly do no know if that would happen or not.

Time flies so fast for me but in a way it is still okay since in the other hand I am using my time in the best of my abilities to be a productive disabled person and it give me a sense of security thanks to God and steemit community in my right.

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