Dear Diary: That Milk In My Meal Made Me Produce A Lot Of Gas

in health •  5 months ago


I say that I am lactose intolerant because my meal this evening with milk, rice, and chicken had made me fart all night until this early morning and I can't sleep because of that. I may have to sleep later now until this revolution in my gut stops. Maybe the sugar also contributed to the gas issue although I have not added much of it to the rice meal.

It is rather conclusive that I am belonging to that race that milk really is a no-no food because of my sensitivity in eating milk. So now for many times over, I am not really responding well to milk and milk products. It is just quite sad because I do like milk because of its taste and nutritional value for my health or anybody's for that matter.

So even the type of foods that I can eat is a problem and I have less options now. My body is suffering from the meals that is prepared for me to the elements in the foods and it is hard considering that I have to maintain my weight because I am currently wasting away and had lost a lot of crucial weight that can help me with my breathing problems.

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@cryptopie you need to switch to a non dairy milk. There are several out there. A favorite of my wife is Ripple, it is made from pea protein.

No idea how I found this buddy but here's what you need. Comes in many brands available in every country.


This is a good drink @guiltyparties I appreciate your help thank you.