Dear Diary: No Caffeine In Your System Makes You Feel Rested When You Sleep

in health •  3 months ago


I hadn't drinking coffee for about three days not and I think it made me feel better and I could easily sleep now if I wanted to so I guess without caffeine in my system gives me a positive results.

What is wonderful is that I am not suffering from withdrawal effects like a terrible headache which is all the reason that I couldn't quit. What I am doing is that I am only drinking some pineapple juice whenever I feel thirsty or getting the bitter taste in my mouth.

The bitter taste in my mouth also prevents me for preferring coffee because it just makes my mouth feel the more pronounced bitter aftertaste so I switched to a more (hopefully) healthier alternative juice.

I couldn't get a natural juice so I am just having the pineapple juice in a can, the big one so that it can last for days. Sometimes I want it diluted just enough to quench my thirst.

I just plan now to take some caffeine-containing energy drink just to help me stabilize my blood pressure when I am hooked at dialysis and after that, no more coffee for now because it does good to me as I could sleep much better whenever I want it and with restful sleep results!

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I wonder if the pineapple juice will bother your mouth eventually from the acidity? If I drink it I get reflux, especially if I am laying down. Do you like tea? Green tea is supposed to be really good for dialysis patients. You can add some lime and sugar and its really refreshing.

You are looking healthier than before. Keep rest and steeming everything will be fine.