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The Thanksgiving viewing lasted for about six and half hours but the church worker came in late so we ended the viewing session at 8:30 in the evening and I am glad that I endured it while sitting and it just means that my backbone health had a bit of improvement which makes me happy anyhow.

But I am sure that I could not last half a day because even now I am still feeling a discomfort with an extended period of sitting around. Maybe with still a little more time my pains will all go away completely if God would extend his mercy upon my wretched soul.

I decided to just eat some cheese sandwich and some pork and beans (with no pork bits) because I just wanted to kill my hunger but it doesn't mean that I have the appetite to eat. Currently I am not enjoying my food because I am already taking my Cinacalcet for my parathyroid.

I might be able to eat tomorrow at y dialysis but I am scheduled again at 7:00 PM because the hospital is quite stingy with repairing the two broken dialysis machines.

I just thank God that I have my parents still to support me driving me to and from and getting my food to eat at dialysis and also helping me around the house if I am wanting to use the toilet or eat my meals. I hope that God would give them more years and strength but I bet they would outlast me because they are fond of eating vegetables.

It is a good day nonetheless because i get to listen to the deeper bible related topics and it just rejuvenates my spirit and strengthening my inner self. Glory be to God.

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Good that you thank God that you have the love and help of your parents, the one that you feel better health. There are always positive things in our life that we enjoy and appreciate !!!

I see a lot of medicine being drawn, is this a support for your health

Greetings, May God grant you peace and improve your health. Sorry I do not want to be intrusive or impertinent, just tell you about my experience because it could help in something (I hope so from my heart) when I ate wheat and grains at night, the next day I felt my spine split in two and if I accompanied this for a glass of milk or yogurt was unbearable. Actually changing my eating habits improved my health, the only thing that was not inflammatory in your dinner was meat. May God grant you peace and improve your health.