Dear Diary: I Wasn't Able To Eat Well Today

in health •  3 months ago


I had a terrible day today relatively because I wasn't able to eat well. My mother cooked an Adobo dish and called it in another name. She told me that it is a tenderloin part of pork but I found it hard to chew. But my appetite was terrible so I only had eaten a couple of spoonfuls and no more.

That was my Lunch because I had not eaten my breakfast as I had slept all morning. Now at around 5:30 in the afternoon they had sold some metal and plastic scraps to the recycling merchant and my mother bought me a Sisig dish from the nearby convenience store.

You could guess what happened next, so I haven't eaten much of it and my left-over which are more than half of the meal was given to our guard dog. It is just good that we never are wasting food, from me in particular because the dog gets to benefit from it.

But sadly sometimes like now I couldn't seem to eat, partly because of the food itself and mostly because of the parathyroid medicine that I am taking. I am a little bit depressed because I was not taking coffee anymore and I realized that indeed it does have a happy effect on my mood but not on my sleep. But now since I had slept all day I couldn't sleep anymore too., it is just a bad day today.

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Oh sorry. Hope you become fine soon

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