CrowbarMama's Naked Pizza!

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Eating healthy would be so much easier if you could live in a bubble, wouldn't it? I mean, I really do enjoy my vegetables and eggs for breakfast and my rich salad for dinner, but when I see a fresh baked pizza coming out of the oven, well, that does tempt me a bit.


So, I was struck with what I consider "Culinary Genius!" I've seen Naked Burritos on the menu at Mexicana restaurants. Why not create a Naked Pizza at home?

The first thing I needed was a base to replace the "crust". A quick trip to my freezer and I was in business with some cauli-rice! Yes!


I sauteed it in coconut oil using my favorite cast iron skillet

Next up, the toppings! I was thinking of my favorite pizza toppings so scooped out the cauli-rice and added more oil, then onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms and garlic. At the very end, I added a generous handful of spinach to wilt slightly.


I spread a generous scoop of pizza sauce on the cauli-rice before adding the veggies.


Lastly, the cheese! Honestly, I think it would have been even better if I'd set it under the broiler a few minutes, but the kids were already digging into their pizza and it was still quite satisfying.

What's nice about this is that it's totally customizable. I was craving veggies, so that is what I based my dish on. But you could totally change this by adding your favorite meats, or even over rice if you're not a cauli-rice fan. I also did add a few pineapple tidbits at the table, just for a touch of juicy sweetness.

So, what do you think? Is this something you might try? What combinations do you think would be good for a Naked Pizza? Share your ideas below! Thanks for stopping by!

I chose @Crowbarmama as a handle because I believe in doing the best you can with what you have on hand. The crowbar is a multi-purpose tool. You’ll notice my photography is a bit rough, my grammar is not the most polished, but as a homeschooling, homesteading mama of 4, if I waited to take my photos until the light was perfect or re-edited my posts a 5th time ( I shoot for 3 drafts), I would never get a post out!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just Crowbar it!

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That looks nothing like pizza, but it looks awfully delicious!! I’m usually a plain Jane when it comes to pizza, plain cheese is good enough for me. Although, for this idea I’d go with some grilled chicken, red & green peppers, and maybe some mushrooms.


@hebrewhousewife It might have looked more like pizza had I thrown it under the broiler, but trust me, I had just taken a piece of the pizza toppings from my husband's pizza and the taste was surprisingly close! The mushrooms were buried under the spinach & onions, but they were there! Yum!!😀

Excellent! You know how to turn them into healthy one.. i love it! We really should be making our own food. Yes its hard work but we are the ones benefiting from it.


@maquemali Absolutely true! We especially benefit in the long run. Pay the farmer now or the doctor later!


Yes exactly!! Id rather not see the doctor at all.. hahaha

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Ohhhh, interesting !