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My 1 year old boy has been infected with the Rotavirus. He has had his first two vaccinations for it, but those were the only two vaccinations he has had. We stopped it because we don't believe in it. This was after a lot of research and reading up on the topic had been done. We definitely don't feel he got it now because we didn't carry on with it; to the contrary - two couples, friends of ours, babies' had been sick of the last few weeks with the virus. It seems its a breakout in my hometown of Middelburg. And they both have been taking their kids (1 and 4) for regular vaccinations.

So this is interesting. Three cases, two of which fall inside conventional wisdom, the other outside. And all of them have similar results. Both my wife and I contracted sprouts of the virus from our son, both of us had our vaxes as children - the full course. OK, OK, I know, back then it wasn't as advanced as today, it wasn't as effectice as today, and our parents weren't able to go Google for extra help. So do we then believe that today we are that much more developed and aware that these things shouldn't happen? Did you know that if you ***Google Rotavirus *** you very quickly read that there are 500 000 reported cases of unvaccinated children dying each year from the virus? Well what about the cases of mortality of children that were in fact vaccinated? You obviously never read about them. At least not in mainstream media. And in case you didn't know, Google is as mainstream as you can get! At least they try to be.

So I challenge you, not to just blindly comment here what you've been told by everyone else, but to actually go and search for things articles that are wayward the norm. Free your presuppositions. Allow yourself to look ak it from all angles. You wouldn't believe the things vaccinations can do if I told you..

Apologies for the one-sided post. And I don't mean to offend only to enlighten, or at least point you in the right direction 😎


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