Autophagy Can Bring You Peace Of Mind Regarding Your Health

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The medical profession has rediscovered Hippocrates favorite tool and probably what he meant in his famous oath with “First, do no harm”. I’ve done a great deal of study into this phenomenon. The word “autophagy” is from the Greek language and means “eat thyself”. Unlike previous medical breakthroughs that herald a discovery that might be available to patients after 10 years of research hoops and FDA approvals it is available today and at no financial cost. The fact that it can’t be patented or is free to the patient is also a problem for the medical establishment juggernaut. However, there is hope for the uniformed. The Nobel Prize in Physiology was won in 2016 by researchers who identified how autophagy works and what it does within the body.

The problem for proponents of medical use of autophagy is that it does not work in an easily documented way to meet FDA regulations for testing according to Dr. Thomas Seyfried. This means that doctors who support it could lose their licenses to practice medicine if they encourage patients to try it. Or worse yet if a terminal patient who has been told to go home and die by his doctor, but finds a doctor who has the courage to attempt to extend his life using autophagy, if he dies anyway, the doctor could not only lose his license, but face jail time as Linda Hazzard did when she lost a few already dying patients in her efforts to use autophagy to bring them comfort. I take great comfort that even though autophagy didn’t have a name until 1963 it has been used to make and keep people healthy for thousands of years.

What does this have to do with peace of mind? Knowing that there is a proven way (by virtue of thousands of testimonials including my own) to prevent disease especially, but also treat and manage acute disease is way better than sitting around waiting for disease to strike me down and then hoping my doctor can save me. The really cool thing about autophagy is that it attacks only the stuff that is not supposed to be in your body. The body has a brain that we have never been aware of before. This discretionary brilliance is the same for every living creature on earth. Unlike all the other health things you think you know about this one is truly unique in that you don’t have to take a pill, eat certain foods, exercise, buy stuff, and then buy even more stuff! It’s free and requires you to do literally nothing except spend some time to learn about it and what to expect when you engage its power within your body. From here you are on your own. Good luck!


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I've read a couple of articles about autophagy in terms of dietology and can't understand what is it about. I know about autophagy in terms of cell biology and I had an opinion that it is a very tightly regulated mechanism, just like any other cellular processes. So, it looks unlikely that such a process can be effectively affected by simple manipulations like fasting or excessive exercises.

Don't you think that diets based on autophagy will quickly another failed attempt to intervene in processes that we can't understand completely, as happened to antioxidant-rich diets or diets with an excess of vitamin c?

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I certainly hope it sticks around. There are some very high placed people supporting it with high placed detractors as well. It's not rocket science and has been used effectively for thousands of years. Every living creature on earth has this ability with one thing in common, you have to stop eating to engage it. I personally have arrested three "incurable" autoimmune diseases so I don't have to be convinced of its efficacy. People I know around me listen politely to my pitch for fasting and then choose not to investigate. So far I have been to the funerals of two of them. Both had diseases that are easily managed using autophagy. Your skepticism is welcome. At least when you go your way on to other things today it will be in the back of your mind and when you or someone you love is strickened with an "incurable" disease you will remember it and save a life or at least give it a longer time on the planet's surface.