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'Mouthflora' means all living microorganisms in the oral cavity. Like in your intestines, there are also numerous bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth form a live film layer over your teeth, choose, gums, palate and tongue. They cover your tooth surface, oral mucosa, esophagus and throat mucosa. There are more than 700 different bacterial strains found in human oral flora!


Good & bad mouth bacteria

Part of the oral flora is useful and has a beneficial effect on health. These bacteria protect your mouth from inflammation and your teeth + choose to deteriorate. However, a large part of the mouth bacteria is harmful and contributes to tooth decay, inflammation and a bad breath. Unfortunately, it is difficult to clean your mouth and teeth in such a way that bad bacteria will disappear and good bacteria will be saved.


Most bad bacteria are found in the so-called 'toothpaste', or 'dental plaque'. Toothpaste is a white substance that mainly consists of:

  • Bacteria
  • Minuscule foodstuffs
  • Minerals
  • Saliva- enzymes
  • Mucus

The bacteria on your teeth and choose form multiple bacterial layers because dental bone does not refresh itself. However, bacteria can not deposit on the soft tissue in the mouth. The soft mucous membranes are continually refreshed by the renewal of epithelial cells. The bacterial film on your gums, palate and cheeks always consists of one layer and never stays long.

Microbial balance

Within the mouth flora - like in the intestines - there is a balance between "good" and "bad" bacteria. Toothpaste consists mainly of bad bacteria. If harmful mouth bacteria prevail, dental plaque develops. Plaque then settles on the tooth surfaces and hopes in the space between dental and gums (pockets).

The harmful bacteria in your toothpaste put sugars from foodstuffs into acids. These acids ensure that your dental glaze is slowly dissolved, which eventually results in holes (caries). In addition to tooth decay, the bad bacteria in your mouth cause gum inflammation (gingivitis) and a bad breath (halitosis).

Probiotics & oral flora

Good bacteria are increasingly being processed in yogurt and dairy drinks (Yakult, Actimel®, Vifit®, Activia®, Optimel®, etc.). These types of products are actually focused on the intestinal flora, but rarely do they rarely live because of the acidic gastric juices. Research, however, indicates that probiotics could contribute to optimal oral flora. Good bacteria would be able to displace the bad bacteria in the mouth. Mouth probiotics could thus optimize the balance of the oral flora. This is quite unique, because antibacterial toothpastes and mouthwashes also kill the useful mouth bacteria ...

Mouth probiotics

Research indicates that special oral probiotics can inhibit the growth of oral fungi (candida albicans et al.). Oral probiotics would also be active in mouth ulcers (evening ea), xerostomy (dry mouth syndrome), gingivitis (gingivitis), hyposalivation (salivary deficiency) halitosis (bad breath), plaque (dental plaque) and caries (dental decay). In addition, mouth probiotics can work out well on a dry mouth and a sore taste in the mouth.

Types of oral probiotics

The idea of ​​probiotics is that large numbers of good bacteria could displace the harmful bacteria in the mouth. Some examples of probiotics lozenges directed to the mouth are already following:

  • OralCare ™ - Oragenics ®
  • OralCare ™ - ProBiora3 ®
  • Udo's Choice ™ - Super 5 ®
  • Udo's Choice ™ - Super 8 ®
  • Acilact ® (Russian)
  • Bifidumbacterin® (Russian)

In particular, the lactobacterium lactobacillus salivarius is widely used in oral probiotics.

Mouth probiotics versus antibiotics

In dentistry, antibiotics are widely used to interfere with the balance of the body flora. If certain good or bad bacteria die, other tribes will get the chance to multiply in fast-track speed. A disturbed balance can cause gastrointestinal infections and other health problems. Mouth probiotics are remarkably effective to limit the negative effects of an antibiotic cure. Even after a disease, condition or reduced resistance, oral probiotics are extra effective.

Please note that any positive effects of oral probiotics occur in the most favorable case for prolonged use. In addition, in order to determine the beneficial effect of oral probiotics, more thorough research is required.


Mouthflora has not been conducted as much as research into intestinal flora. That's a pity, because the mouthflora are much easier and more influential. It is now known that the mouth flora on your tongue is responsible for a bad breath. The mouth flora on your tongue and in your throat is also called keelflora.


Have you ever stopped the good and bad bacteria in your mouth? What do you do to keep your mouth flora healthy? Let it know below in a comment...

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