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RE: ** Life with epilepsy nr.2 - The Falling Sickness **

in #health6 years ago

Greetings @tinabrezpike.

This very well written informative article is a very good exercise in it not?

Thank you for the information which is so helpful in coming to understanding of that with which one is unfamiliar.

There is quite a bit of information out there regarding medical marijuana which is supposed to have a very positive effect on the physical body without affecting the mind. It is said...the very best is from India. I do not know for myself....however I do have a friend who has given it great study.

I am thinking of you and your journey. Your objectivity as demonstrated in this post will take you far.

Keep looking up. ^__^

All the best to you and your husband.



Hei @bluejay, thank you very much for these kind words. Such comments always brings joy. I have to write objectively because there are really many people who don’t have epileptic experience and people don’t like to talk about this disease.
Unfortunately, this disease is becoming more common, and I hope that this article has helped to understand epilepsy a little bit more.
I try with cannabis too, and without question, it helps. I need to turn off my mind during the sleep and with it is easier to fall asleep.
There are still a lot of things to be explored and that’s important ☺️🦋
Best wishes☺️

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